random ramblings

joe is sick today. i think he’s got some semblance of the flu. the poor guy is congested and achy and just feeling yucky. 🙁 at least he got some good naps in with the cats!

we got the new american idol-themed choc-n-roll caramel ice cream. it is really good. i am addicted to it. thank goodness it’s the light kind!

hobby lobby is having one of their fabulous sales. this time, the scrapbook albums are on sale, including the one i want for our wedding scrapbook. yay! i think you all know where i will be tomorrow!

speaking of our wedding scrapbook, i only have nine pages left to finish. yay again! i’ve really enjoyed making it, but now i’m ready to see all together in its finished form! and, i can’t wait to show it to people!


this losing weight thing is hard. i don’t enjoy exercising. i know it’s good for me, it will help my arthritis and i need to do it, but it’s not exactly what i would call fun. i would much rather be scrapbooking than riding our stationary bike.

it is fun, though, to see my muscles growing. i wish i could see a difference in the rest of my body from the cardio i’m doing. joe says it takes time, but it’s already been a couple of weeks, and i’m ready to see results! i hate waiting, and i hate how slow of a process this is going to be, especially when my clothes still feel like they’re getting tighter and tighter, which joe says is all in my head.

i joined sparks people yesterday. it’s a pretty cool site where you log what you eat and how much cardio you do, and it tells you how many calories you took in and how many you expended in exercise. it also tells you what your calorie range is and how many calories you need to burn through cardio each week. i’ve actually gotten kind of addicted to it. for those of you who also are trying to lose weight or get in shape, it’s definitely worth checking out.

there’s one thing that’s keeping me going: the closet in our spare room filled with my size six and size four skirts and pants. i really want to fit into those again, so that’s my motivation right now. and, of course, the fact that losing a lot of weight will be a very good excuse to go on a shopping spree. joe better start saving his money! 🙂

goals and expectations

i am determined to be back to a size four by summer. that means i have to lose a pound a week, which i think i can do. after all, i’m watching my calorie intake, doing 30 minutes (at least!) of cardio five days a week, and doing 45-60 minutes of weight training five days a week.

i have all these *cute* summer clothes that i bought when i lost 75 pounds a couple of years ago. i’m dying to fit into them again! plus, we now have three weddings within a four month period (one of which we’re definitely going to because it’s in town and joe’s a groomsman; the other two are up on the air depending on location and finances), and i want to look hot! 🙂

i’m off to a good start. i did 33 minutes on the bike today. yesterday, i did about 40 minutes of weights with some boxing thrown in. man, i’m sore!

up and running again

i am back. yay! and i owe it all to laura and lisanne who spent a lot of time online with me today trying to figure out what was wrong with my site. it turns out my ftp client was messing everything up, so i switched to new one and, voila! i also figured out how to edit my templates from my admin panel (thanks laura!), so that will make life even easier! thank you, thank you, thank you guys!!!!

soundtrack of my life

this is pretty fun. let me know if you all do it so i can check your sites!

if your life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be?

so, here’s how it works:
1. open your library (itunes, winamp, media player, ipod, etc)
2. put it on shuffle
3. press play
4. for every question, type the song that’s playing
5. when you go to a new question, press the next button
6. no repeat artists
7. no cheating and doctoring your list to make yourself look cooler than the person you took this from. 🙂

opening credits:
uptown girl-me first and the gimme gimme

first day at school:
rocky top dance mix

falling in love:
air on a g string-j.s. bach

breakin up:
sitting, waiting, wishing-jack johnson

crawling-linkin park

sex scene:
be thou my vision-4him

life’s ok:
lord i lift your name on high-d.c. talk

mental breakdown:
i walk alone

keep the candle burning-point of grace

i’m not ashamed-the newsboys

getting back together:
listen to your heart-roxette

birth of child:
it is you-the newsboys

wedding scene:
my immortal-evanescence

final battle:

death scene:
next 2 you-buckcherry

funeral scene:
unwell-matchbox twenty

end credits:
scars-papa roach

the great pundit swap of ’07

tonight, comedy central’s stephen colbert (insert cheers here) and fox news’s bill o’reilly (insert boos here) are meeting head-to-head tonight. colbert will guest star on the “o’reilly factor” while o’reilly will visit “the colbert report”.

check out colbert’s segment previewing the swap here.

“the o’reilly factor” airs at 8 p.m., and “the colbert report” is on at 11:30 p.m. this is definitely must-see tv.