cooperstown or bust

our hotel room is booked. at the end of july, we’ll be heading to new york where we’ll join thousands of people hoping for a semi-decent seat for the baseball hall of fame induction in cooperstown. i am so excited. we’re staying in albany, so we hopefully will get to meet up with lisanne, which i am very excited about as well. she will be the first blogging friend i will have met!

the downside is that i may not be able to go to my friend’s wedding. i am supposed to be a bridesmaid, but we had to book our trip to cooperstown early to even get a hotel room, and julisa still doesn’t know when she will be getting married. we were first told june, and i could have gone by myself then, but now she says it will be either in july or october. if it’s in july, there’s no way i could even go by myself. october probably would be doable. we will see.

last night, joe and i rented “the last kiss”. the previews looked pretty good, and i like zach braff and rachel bilson, so i was excited about it. i must say, however, that it was one of the most depressing movies i have ever watched. i won’t ruin it for those of you who still want to see it, but all the couples have troubles, and there are cheating and breakups aplenty. i asked joe if he took the movie back and said, “my wife left me after this movie,” would they give him his money back. hehehe. but seriously, that and “the break up”, the last two date movies we saw, definitely are not date nights.

on a happier note, i finished a few of our wedding scrapbook pages today, and i think they turned out really well. i really like them. i’m a big fan of ribbons and bows, and i’m using them a lot throughout. joe says they’re my trademark. i just think they’re pretty.

the scent game

today, joe tried to impress me by pointing out what kind of body wash i used in my shower.

“you smell very lavendery,” he said.

“it’s not lavender.”

he sniffed my arm again.

“oh, right. it’s that pumpkin stuff.”


because lavender, pumpkin and vanilla smell the same. boys, boys, boys!


i seriously don’t know what is wrong with me. i eat really well, count my calories, and either lose weight or maintain my weight, yet my clothes are fitting tighter and i just feel like i’m expanding. anyone happen to know why i’m feeling like this?


earlier this week, joe and i had the fantastic idea to buy a kickboxing boot camp dvd to use during our workouts. it looked good, and when we tried two of the five workouts two days ago, we had a lot of fun. yesterday, i did two other workouts, including abs, and today i can barely move. my thighs and abs are aching so bad! it must be because i’m used to mainly doing the exercise bike and weights when i work out. i just hope i get used to it soon. now i’ll have to wait until aching subsides to get back into the dvd. blah.

2006 in review

1) where did you begin 2006?
at the irish pub here in town with joe and a bunch of our friends.

2) what was your status by valentine’s day?
engaged :)

3) were you in school (anytime this year)?

4) how did you earn your money?
as a broadcast news reporter

5) did you have to go to the hospital?
yes. my throat was felt like it was closing up and it was really hard for me to breathe.

6) did you have any encounters with the police?
pretty much every day . . . when i went to the p.d. to check the incident reports.

7) where did you go on holidays?
my parents’.

8) what did you purchase that was over $500?

9) did you know anybody who got married?
ha ha ha . . . me and joe, ryan and oriona, rachel and dave, tim and mindy.

10) did you know anybody who passed away?
no, thank goodness.

11) have you run into anyone you went to high school with?
my best friends came to my bachelorette party and i met up with them a couple of weeks ago.

12) did you move anywhere?
yes. i moved to cartersville.

13) what sporting events did you go to?
braves games, thrashers game, red sox game.

14) what concerts/shows did you go to?

15) are you registered to vote?

16) who did you want to win big brother?
i don’t even remember who was on it, but i know i didn’t really care.

17) where do you live now?

18) describe your birthday.
we went to tim’s wedding (joe was a groomsman), and then joe took me to olive garden for dinner.

19) what’s the one thing you thought you would never do but did in 2006?
get married.

20) what has been your favorite moment?
definitely getting married

21.) what’s something you learned about yourself?
i am anal about things, and i need to learn to go with the flow more.

22.) any new additions to your family?
my husband’s family and an additional sister-in-law.

23.) what was your best month?

24.) What music will you remember 2006 by?
suddenly i see by k.t. tunstall.

25) who has been your best drinking buddy?

26) made new friends?
a couple.

27) best new friend?

28) favorite night out?
date nights with joe, trivia nights at the pub.

29) any regrets?
not that i can think of right now.

30) which season(s) was the best?
spring and fall.

31) how many nights out of 365 days did you not remember?
a lot. i have a bad memory. heh.

32) if you could would you re-due the whole year?
not the whole year, but maybe parts of it.

starting the new year

we began the new year alone. we had planned a new year’s eve party at our place since there are no alcohol sales in cartersville on sundays and none of the clubs would be open. most people said they’d “most likely” be here but would “let us know tomorrow.” tomorrow seemed to stretch a week, and no one called us back. we decided to spend the night by ourselves, and i’m kind of glad we did. it was fun being able to hang out in my pajamas and just relax with my husband. i ended up falling asleep around 11 p.m., and joe woke me up a few minutes before midnight to watch the ball drop, kiss, toast and then head back to bed.  🙂:)

the christmas decorations are mostly put away, and joe is vacuuming up the pine needles that covered our living room and hallway floors after taking our tree out today. it was sad to take everything down.

the new year has been pretty good so far, all two days of it. yesterday, we lounged around all day and then went to joe’s parents’ house for dinner. every new year’s day they have greens, rice and black-eyed peas, which are all symbols of good luck, as well as some kind of meat. since i’m the lone vegetarian, i enjoyed a griller sandwich and baked potato. yum.

today, joe headed out to take the tree to the dump while i watched the episodes of wildfire i taped on new year’s day, and then we went to cracker barrel for lunch, using up the last of our gift cards from my parents. i love that restaurant. it’s so good and so filling. tonight we’re going to kick back and relax again (it’s been a relaxing week) since we both go back to work tomorrow. blah.