the living pincushion

i really feel like a pincushion today. my poor left arm was poked and poked and poked this morning, and now it’s not feeling too great. i had a glucose tolerance test this morning which, hopefully, will show that the prednisone i was on for several years caused my increased insulin production. that would be fabulous news because it will mean i am *not* prediabetic. yay.

this morning, though, was not fun. i arrived at the hospital a little before 7 a.m. for my initial blood draw. it hurt, but it was bearable. then i chugged down an 8 ounce bottle of a sickeningly sweet orange drink. that was the fastest i’ve ever finished it, which is probably because the nurse kept coming and asking if i was finished. obviously she has not tried to drink one of those before. they taste good at first, but then it hits. it’s just not fun.

i had to go back two more times to have blood drawn, and she took it from the same spot, which really made my arm hurt and bruise. sigh. i just hope it’ll be worth it!

joe and i also made a big decision today. we decided to have me go off my methotrexate in preparation for trying to get pregnant. my rheumatologist told me today that i will need to be off of it for four months and off my enbrel for at least one month before we can start trying. several months ago, i tried decreasing my methotrexate dosage by one pill and was in a lot of pain, so i’m dreading what the next four months will be like! at least i’ll still have my enbrel for most of it. and, apparantly, during pregnancy there is no pain from the arthritis. it’s just the period inbetween going off the medicines and getting pregnant and then the post-pregnancy that scare me!

my rheumatologist also will not let me go back on prednisone while i’m off the methotrexate because she says it tends to cause diabetes and other problems in pregnant women. this is bad because, while prednisone makes you gain quite a bit of weight, it really does relieve the pain. but, it’s good because it makes me think that the increased insulin *was* a result of the drug. and the *really* good news is that we’re going to try to get pregnant!!!!!!

and now that i have completely bored you, i will stop. 🙂

middle name meme

i got this from laura. take the third letter of your middle name and use it to answer the questions. my middle name is alicea, so i get an “i”. just by glancing at this, i think this will be difficult. joe and i collaborated on it. 🙂

names used in the Bible: isaac, ishmael, israel
junk food: ice cream
things that grow: infants

companies: intel, ini-tech (from office space!)
articles of clothing:
desserts: ice cream
car parts: the inside! (i’m desperate. this letter sucks!)
things found on a map: island

athletes: pete incavelia (according to joe, he played for the phillies.)
four-letter words: isle
items in a refrigerator: italian dressing
farm animals: inch worm (see how desperate i am??)
street names: illinois avenue, indiana avenue
things at the beach:
colors: indigo

heroes: iceman
terms of endearment: i love you 🙂
kinds of dances:

a day with the girls

i got *so* much done yesterday. i was in the mountains for about five hours and finished what i could on five pages. there were somethings i couldn’t do there, such as journaling and a few embellishments i didn’t take along.
the women i scrapped with are hard core! i thought i was cool with my little tote and my pages and such, but they have every tool and gadget imaginable! they showed up with *huge* totes full of things! i was impressed. i know i will learn things from them. when i finished my pages i watched them work on theirs, which was fun. it’s neat to see how other people do their pages.

i decided not to spend the night, mainly because i had finished all the pages i had to do. i also was still getting to know the other women a little bit. another reason i chose not to stay the night was because i get sleepy *very* early thanks to my arthritis. it’s a good thing i didn’t stay. i passed out around 9 p.m. while we were watching my super ex-girlfriend, so i probably wouldn’t have been much fun up in the mountains!
when i got home, joe had takeout from the local diner, which we love, including a *huge* slice of incredibly rich chocolate cake. we didn’t touch it last night, but we may tonight. it looks *yummy*!

here are my pages, minus the journaling:

this one is on our recent trip to visit joe’s grandmother in south carolina. she lives in a small, southern town, so we took some pictures in the downtown area while we were there. i used one of the county courthouse and one of a soda shoppe, because you don’t see those that often.

today was another fabulous day. joe went out and got donuts for breakfast, and we pretty much lounged around all day, watching some tv shows we taped and finishing the movie we started last night. around 5:30 p.m., we headed out to pick up our kiwanis club’s banner from our president for the governor’s rally joe is going to tomorrow night, and then hit taco bell for dinner. then, it was back to lounging around. it was a really nice way to end the weekend.

a scrapbooking we will go

i am off to the mountains for a day of scrapbooking tomorrow. my friend emma’s parents have a cabin in helen, georgia, which is where we girls are heading. i think most of them are staying the night, but i’m probably going to come home tomorrow night. i’m a shy person and just going is really taking me out of my comfort zone. but we’ll just see how it goes, i guess.

i’m really excited though, despite the two-hour drive. i’ve said before that i really don’t have friends down here, since i don’t have a way to meet people my age, so it’ll be nice to meet some new people. maybe i can become friends with them! i told my mom about my plans, and she said, “oh, is joe going?” is joe going. hahaha. isn’t that cute?! 🙂
and, this was a great way to justify some new scrapbooking purchases. woo hoo! i got a *bunch* of paper, a container to keep my paper in, a mini-tote to keep tools and embellishments in, and a really cool tote to carry everything.

while we’re gone, joe and brandon, joe’s friend and emma’s fiance, have a “playdate” planned. it will be a fun day for all!

mrs. forgetful

i left my wedding and engagement rings at home yesterday.

every morning before i shower, i put them on a ring holder joe’s mom gave me. i keep them right by the bathroom sink, yet as i got ready for work yesterday i didn’t even realize i hadn’t put them back on. it wasn’t until i had been at work for a few minutes when i finally looked down and notice.

after the noon news, i drove home to get them. i went in, said hi to the cats, did a few things i needed to do and headed back out . . . *without* my rings. yes, the purpose for my trip home was to get them yet i *still* forgot them.

i turned back around and made yet another trip home. dizzy looked confused when i walked back inside only a few minutes after i had left. i promised him they could have the place to themselves for the rest of the day.

today, i walked out without my medicine. honestly, i don’t know how i remember to do anything!

the no-good, horrible, very bad day

i have not had a good day today. after everything went south, i went out to get lunch only to discover i had left my debit card at home. luckily, i was able to find enough change to get a bag of cheetos and a drink. sigh. that is just a *small* example of how bad today has been.