oh, overstock…

as i said in my last post, i received my dvd from overstock yesterday.

today, i got an email from them. they’re sorry about my unsatisfactory experience (and haven’t tracked my dvd yet!) and a replacement is on its way.


packages and children

my package from overstock arrived today. i was flabbergasted. i am most humored by the fact that they have absolutely no idea where it is and are still looking for it. they’re not impressing me or making me want to order from them again.

tonight, joe and i had our monthly pizza party at the local children’s shelter. the pizza party is something our kiwanis club sponsors, but joe and i usually are the only ones who go. i don’t know why no one else shows up, because this is by far the best activity we do. i had the most fun tonight because we really got to interact more with the kids. instead of hanging out inside and watching tv, they were outside playing, so we played with them. joe tossed a nerf football around with one of the boys, while i played tag with one of the girls and then pushed about five kids on the swings. i was quite the popular one. everyone wanted to be pushed! i must say, i got quite a workout running around, lifting kids up into the swings, which they insisted i make higher, and going back and forth from one end of the swingset to the other pushing kids. it was great!
what’s more important is that the kids have a lot of fun when we come. not only do we bring them pizza (what kid *doesn’t* like pizza?!), but we hang out with them and give them some much-needed attention. i can’t wait until next month!

the signs of spring

it is going to be in the mid to upper 60s through at least sunday. yay. hopefully that means spring is on its way!

lost package #2

i thought i’d give online shopping one more try. after the problem with rachel’s scrapbook, which i had ordered in plenty of time for the holidays, i was a little wary, but it was a different site so i thought i’d give it another shot.

i placed my order last wednesday, and received a shipping confirmation a few weeks later. i plugged my tracking number in on the ups web site and saw what i had feared: that order does not exist.

this is *exactly* what happened last time. we called overstock two days ago, and they said we would hear back from someone in one business day. i just called again. they still haven’t located my order. fabulous. the customer service representative (who wasn’t really much into customer service since he refused to let me speak to a supervisor) assured me it had been shipped. right, because if it had been shipped ups would have a tracking history for it. i trust ups.

i feel like i’m having deja vu. with rachel’s scrapbook, they kept assuring me it had been shipped and was on its way. they said they couldn’t cancel my order because it had already been shipped, and since i received a refund i would need to send it back when it arrived. three months later, it still isn’t here.

i am not feeling good about this at all.

men and women on clothing

last night: joe and i were both inadvertantly wearing red sweaters and blue jeans.

joe: i have to change. i’m wearing the same color as you.

me: so?

this morning: i was unaware that joe was wearing his boston t-shirt.

joe: dangit. i have to change. you’re wearing your boston sweatshirt.

me: so?

this is the only situation in which joe cares about what he is wearing.

the rest of valentine’s day and the weekend

to recap the rest of valentine’s day…

we went to dinner at provinos, and then hit baskin robbins for dessert. i have only been to baskin robbins a few times since we moved from maryland 12 years ago. there just aren’t as many stores in this area!

at dinner, joe gave me a letter he had written, describing what he loves about me and how he sees our future. it was so, so sweet and was definitely my favorite present.

when we got home, joe had a dozen roses for me, and then we cuddled in bed and watched 24. it was a perfect day.

tonight, we’re heading to south carolina to visit joe’s grandmother. it’s a long drive, but we always have a lot of fun. it’s nice to visit nana, since we don’t see her too often. and, my diet must go out the window because nana always cooks a *lot* and sends us back with enough leftovers for a couple of weeks. you just have to love grandmothers!