new design

i’ve been playing around with photoshop tonight, and this is what i’ve come up with so far. what do you all think?

weight loss and the hotel scam

i am quite happy today. i am down 3.5 pounds and 2.5 inches. yay. and my clothes feel looser, which is quite a feat coming from a person who always thinks they feel tighter no matter how much weight is lost.

i was worried about my weigh-in today. last night, i could *not* get full. i didn’t feel like cooking, so i picked up a frozen pizza, which i know isn’t so good. but, i balanced it out with a bunch of mixed greens and spinach, broccoli and mushrooms for a *huge* salad. i also ate some cheetos and light popcorn. man. i sound like a pig, but really i didn’t eat *that* much since joe and i shared everything. i was just happy to be down half a pound today.

in addition to the busy week at work, joe and i have been dealing with the hotel we stayed at on our honeymoon, which charged us again on tuesday for our stay five months ago. obviously, it was quite shocking to have $750 taken out of our account after we had sent out payments for bills. this happened the same day as the men from our city were killed in honduras, so i was trying to deal with that story as well as the stress the hotel put on us. we think it stems from the room mixup we dealt with when we arrived in boston. they somehow did not get our reservation from expedia, so they put us in one room to leave our bags while we figured everything out. in the end, they moved us to one of the suites upstairs since we were on our honeymoon. we had paid when we booked our stay, but we think since they put us in two rooms that one night they charged us for the second room.

joe’s been fighting with the corporate office for the last several days to get reimbursed for fees that incurred because of the charge. they said they’ll let us know in seven days if they will reimburse us. let me make this clear, they *will* reimburse us. if they think dealing with my husband was bad, that was nothing compared to what they will endure if i have to get involved!

is it time to relax yet?

when something big goes down, *everything* breaks loose. it all started with the hostage situation we had near our apartment two weeks ago and hasn’t slowed down since. last weekend, the former head of the drug unit at the sheriff’s office was arrested for embezzling money from his department’s budget. on monday, we had a murder, and yesterday, two people from our city who went on a mission trip to honduras were killed when the truck they and other members of their group were riding in rolled over. apparantly, its brakes failed.

i am ready for a break! and, i’m ready for some not-so-bad news. there is nothing worse than having to call someone (like the chairman of this organization that sponsored the mission trip) to talk about fatalities. they act like you’re a heartless, cruel person, when you’re just trying to do your job. frankly, reporters can’t get emotionally invested in stories. that’s when you lose your unbiased view. and, whether you like it or not, we have to ask the hard questions, the questions that might make you angry or want to cry again.

it’s times like these that make me wish i wasn’t in the news business.

time flies

this weekend went by incredibly quickly. we were hardly home on saturday. we drove up to my parents’ house for lunch, came back and left about 30 minutes later for the hockey game. all i have to say about that is at least we didn’t pay for our tickets. things were great through the second period. we were winning. the teams were playing great hockey. then, in the third period, the thrashers fell apart, as they have been doing recently. it’s just like being at a braves game, where the bullpen falls apart in the ninth inning.

at least we had fun with our friends. we sat up in the third section, which isn’t so good if you’re afraid of heights as i am. however, we were able to see the entire rink, which was really nice. when you sit close, you can’t see the other end of the ice.

this picture shows how high up we were.

we lost 5-2, but at least i got a cute pink hat out of it!

joe was getting very antsy during the third period.

a woman sitting behind us was nice enough to offer to take a picture of me and joe, which is much better than us taking one ourselves!

yesterday, we had breakfast at ihop (yum!) and then did a quick clean of the apartment before our party. i’ve been keeping it quite clean lately (i cannot leave for work with my apartment a mess!), so there wasn’t much to do. we tried to watch ugly betty from thursday night, but i ended up falling asleep halfway through. we’re going to try again tonight, either before or after 24!

our party was a lot of fun. we had four friends over, one of whom we haven’t seen in quite a while. the boys talked football; emma and i talked weddings. 🙂 joe says next year we’re having segregated parties with the food inbetween rooms. haha.

how was your weekends?

about my man

taken again from laura. she has the most fun quizzes!

his age: 27

how tall is he: 5′5″

how long have you been together: two years

how long did you know each other before you got together? we were friends for 2-3 years, but we met for the first time on our first date.

what physical features attracted you to him first?: his smile. i love smiles.

eye color: green

hair color: brown

hair style: just regular; he just leaves it as it is.

normal outfit: a nice shirt or sweater and jeans.

how did you meet: technically through work. i emailed him about a story i was working on because he had written one for his paper on the same subject, and we began emailing and talking on the phone.

how serious is it: half serious, half funny.

are you “in love”: of course!

do your parents like him: i think they like him more than they like me!

do his parents like you: yep!

do you trust him: i trust him more than anyone else. i’m working on it. i have a hard time trusting people because of past experiences.

would you share a toothbrush with him: ew!! 🙂

would he let you wear his pants: i’m too big for his pants 🙁

do you have a shirt of his that you sleep in? yes, a t-shirt he got from something he covered. it is *really* big.

do you like the way he smells: yep.

can you picture having kids with him: oh yes. he will make the best father.

what bothers you the most about him: his procrastination. i’m more of a let’s-do-it-now-or-we’ll-forget kind of person.

does he have a temper: no. i’m the one with the temper.

are you happy to be with him: definitely.

does he embarrass you in public: no.

does he smoke or do drugs? i wouldn’t be with him if he did.

does he have any piercings?: no

any tattoos? no

does he have any scars that you know of? he has a scar on his chin, but i can’t remember off-hand what it’s from. does that make me a bad wife??

is he a party dude or stay at home?: he’s both. sometimes he likes to go out while other times he’d rather stay in.

Iis he outgoing or shy?: he’s both.

does he love his mama?: yep.

would he hang out with you and YOUR friends?: he does. he’s very good about that.

sing?: hahaha…only if i’m being punished for something!! 🙂

finally friday

we have a busy, yet fun, weekend ahead of us. tonight, we are going to joe’s boss’s house for dinner. he’s a really nice guy, so it should be fun. i want to take something, but since he is kosher, i don’t really know what to bring. foods with meat and dairy aren’t supposed to mix, so if there is meat with dinner then a dessert with eggs or milk in it might be ok if it is on a separate plate, but i’m just not completely sure. neither is joe. rather than offend his boss or embarrass ourselves, we decided to take a nice arrangement of flowers. everyone loves flowers!

tomorrow night, we’re heading back down to atlanta with brandon and jon to see the thrashers play, since the game was sold out last sunday. yay. i love sports, especially when i’m at the game rather than watching on television.

on sunday, we’re hosting our annual superbowl party. i’m really not a *huge* football fan, but i’ve gotten into it a little bit more since joe and i have been together, and any excuse to have a bunch of friends over is fine by me! we still have to decide whether to order pizza or make up a big batch of my *yummy* chili. whatever we do, it will be fun, and i’m looking forward to it. i love hosting and having people over. i can’t wait to start having more dinner parties!

what are you all up to this weekend?