our baby girl

i am totally in love with our new kitten. she is such a sweetheart, and she really is the princess. she loves jumping in bed with us and falling asleep with her head on the pillow. it’s absolutely adorable.

that is my favorite picture of her. sasha is still being quarantined from the other cats because she was quite sick when we took her in. the vet said she had several parasites and viruses, as well as worms. one of the parasites he said is the same one humans can get from drinking bad water, so we’ve had to be careful since we could get sick. i think we’re probably in the clear now though. her medicines seem to be working quickly. i wish getting her to swallow her pills was that quick!

we’re keeping sasha in our bathroom, and while she’s in there, the boys huddle by the door, trying to peek under it to catch a glimpse of her. her arm is so thin she can reach it completely under the door, and the cats just stare as she flails it around. hehe.

we let her out for an hour or so every night, though, so we can spend some time with her. we call it her hour of rec time, similar to what prison inmates get. hehe. she loves playing with the ball track, even though she trips over her long legs, and she *loves* scratching on one of the scratching pads. we left it in the bathroom for her, and it’s so funny to hear her scratching away during the day. she took to it very quickly. as soon as joe took her over to it, she started scratching. again, another sign that she’s a girl — she does what she’s supposed to and learns what to do right away.

i will leave you now with some more pictures of her.

customer service?

i like taco bell. i probably shouldn’t, since i worked there for many years in high school and college, but i do. since i’m a vegetarian, i order everything with beans instead of meat, and one of my favorites is the baja chalupa with no baja sauce. i just don’t like baja sauce. does that sound strange to anyone?

apparantly it does to the employees at our lovely taco bell. last sunday, joe and i stopped by on our way to his parents’ house. we wanted to go through the drive-thru, but after waiting at the order box for 10 minutes, we decided no one was going to take our order. as we drove through to park, we saw the employee working the drive-thru just standing there. nice. we went inside, and i ordered my usual baja chalupa, beans instead of meat, no cheese and no baja sauce.

the woman at the register just stared at me and then said, “why would you order that?”

um . . . because i like it?

she rolled her eyes at me and sighed *quite* loudly. i guess i can understand. i mean, who would want to have to wait on customers at a restaurant?

and, of course, my order was messed up, and we had to go back in to get it fixed.

today, i hit the taco bell drive thru for a quick lunch. i was a little nervous after sunday’s visit, but i decided to try again. i ordered my chalupa, and the woman taking my order laughed at me. yes, people, she LAUGHED at me. she laughed so hard, in fact, that i had to repeat the rest of my order THREE TIMES because she couldn’t hear me.

and, again, my order was messed up. when i went inside, i saw the woman who took my order was a manager. now, let me just say, that as a former taco bell employee, i know a little bit about customer service. i know that you are to be nice to every customer, even irate customers, because you don’t want anything to reflect badly on yourself or the restaurant. if i had pulled any of this crap, my butt would have been fired so fast i wouldn’t have had time to walk out the door. so, i was a little surprised to see that a manager had laughed at my order.

ten minutes later, a girl finally came over to me and said, “what do you want?”

oh, i don’t know, maybe my food made correctly.

i explained it to her and showed her the receipt. she told the man on the line, and two minutes later he was waving my messed up order around saying, “what is this? what is this? i have a chalupa in my hand, but i don’t know what it is!”

so much drama. i couldn’t even make a story like this up. it’s just absurd. five minutes later, i got my chalupa. the employee shoved it into my hand and said, “here.”

the girl standing next to me said that every time she goes to taco bell her order is messed up too. it’s not that hard. take it from someone who’s made every item under the sun. all you have to do is read the screen. when it says no cheese or no baja sauce, you don’t put cheese or baja sauce on. it’s that simple.

i was pretty irate when i left, so i promptly called 1-800-taco bell. i’ve never lodged a complaint before, but i decided enough was enough. all the employees at this store are always so angry, but there is no need to take it out on the customers. i gave the customer service rep my information, and the district manager should be calling me within three business days.

i can’t wait. heads are going to roll. hell hath no fury like a scorned woman . . . especially one who’s pmsing. 🙂

sweet caroline

sweet caroline is playing on the radio right now. i love this song. it’s fun to sing. and it makes me remember the red sox game we went to while in boston on our honeymoon. apparantly, it’s a tradition at fenway. now, it’s time for me to sing along. it’s a good thing none of you can hear me. 🙂

the last of the birthday surprises

i’m a few days late on this, but i just finished editing pictures.

joe had a few more surprises up his sleeve monday evening. when he arrived home, he had a birthday cake and gift for me. yay! the cake was chocolate with chocolate icing (yum!), and the gift was “the holiday” on dvd. i loved that movie when we saw it in the theater.

the cake

make a wish!

aj wanted to join joe while he sang happy birthday to me.

after digging into the cake, i headed out to the city council meeting i had to cover. joe said i would know what my last surprise was before i saw him next. i just thought he was crazy. apparantly, he is. at the end of my meeting, the city manager said, “we have someone with a BIRTHDAY here today.”

that was when the “oh crap” look hit my face. the newspaper reporter, who was sitting next to me, started laughing.

“how does he know that?” i asked.

“guess,” she said.

“i’m going to KILL him,” i said, as i had realized what joe had done.

kevin, the city manager, looked at me with a HUGE grin on his face and said, “miss CADY with (insert call letters here) is having a birthday today. let’s all say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her.”

sigh. but wait. it gets better.

kevin came over to me and said, “i won’t tell anyone, but i know exactly how old you are.”

now, i’m not sensitive about my age, but you just don’t say that!

joe thought the whole thing was hilarious, and he said kevin jumped on board when he called about it last week. that doesn’t surprise me. he’s a young person too.

so that was how my birthday ended. oh, and also with a voicemail with our kiwanis club singing the “yadda yadda” happy birthday song since i wasn’t able to go to the meeting on monday.

how will joe top this next year??

five things you never knew about me

i was tagged by lisa to do this, and i’m always up for a challenge. i have to list five things about me that i haven’t ever revealed in my blog. here are the rules: 1. get tagged 2. list five things that have not been revealed on your blog 3. tag five others.

alrighty then…

1. i used to play the violin and the piano. i quit the violin when i was very, very young (sometime before first grade) because i was too young to want to practice. i quit the piano in high school. now, i wish i had stuck with both.

2. i am very paranoid. i tend to think that if i’m not in the room, other people are talking about me.

3. before i decided to become a journalist, i wanted to go to law school and be a prosecutor or defense attorney.

4. i am a very, very shy person. it’s hard for me to talk to people unless i know them pretty well. i don’t know why i’m shy because no one else in my family is.

5. i am not good at keeping in touch with old friends. one of my goals this year is to do a better job at that.

now, it’s your turn. i’m tagging:

1. sara

2. laura

3. liz

4. chas

5. stacey

i’m how old??

my great-uncle always emails me for my birthday. those emails, however, typically are sent on may 26 rather than march 26. when i checked my email this morning and saw his happy birthday email, i was surprised and excited. then, i read what he wrote:

happy 30TH BIRTHDAY cady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i aged three years in one minute…every woman’s nightmare!!