cross your fingers!

i may have some *really* good news this afternoon!

deja vu

i may have endometriosis again. then again, i may not.

isn’t nice to have a condition that can’t be diagnosed without surgery? i think so. i have been having some of the same pains i had two years ago, but i also haven’t had some of the signs of endo. however, my doctor said that there’s a better chance of it recurring with me since my former doctor only burned the surface of the scars. apparantly, endo can extend centimeters into the tissue.

i now have two options. i can either have another laparoscopy to see if the endo has come back, or i can not do anything. my doctor did say that ignoring endo could cause it to affect the ovaries and fallopian tubes. it’s a pretty big decision. i really don’t want to rush into surgery if i don’t need it, but i don’t want to have a recurrance and have it spread because i didn’t take care of it. i just wish there was some way to know for sure without having to spend the time and money on a surgery.

i was reading up on endo today, since it’s been two years, and, according to statistics, 30-40 percent of women with endo cannot have children. if you’re a glass-full kind of person, that means 60-70 percent can. i, however, am more of the glass-half-empty kind of gal, and that stat freaks me out. i’d be devastated if i was told i could never have children. my doctor will be getting a call from me next week.

so, my friends in blogland, if you were in my situation, what would you do?

“hey, honey”

when joe and i email each other during the day we have certain subject lines that we typically use. yesterday, joe used “hey honey”, which was our subject line as we emailed throughout the day. last night, joe emailed me some house listings and told me to forward the one i liked back to him so he could send it on to our realtor.

today, our realtor called him, laughing. she had gotten his email. the subject line? “hey honey.” ha!

the hunt is on

we are spending all of sunday afternoon looking at houses with our realtor. i have been searching every real estate site under the sun, and we have narrowed our choices down to five. a couple are located in town, and a few others are more out of the way, which might be a nice change. all i ask for is a dining room so i have room for my table and china cabinet, and you would think that’s asking a lot because most of the houses we’ve seen don’t have dining rooms.

our lease runs out here in may, and i’m sure we’ll be in a house by then. if all goes well sunday, we may be meeting with an inspector next week at the house we choose. yay!


i had a very good visit to my endocrinologist today. my insulin levels are now quite normal, which means it very likely was the prednisone that made them jump so high. when i had the first test done several years ago my one hour and two hour levels were in the 70s. this second test showed my one hour levels in the 50s and my two hours in the 30s. yay!

she did, however, find a way to bring me down by telling me how overweight i am and how i have to lose “at least” seven pounds before even considering getting pregnant. now, i know i’m not at my ideal weight, but i’m working on it and i don’t think i’m that overweight, especially considering my bmi is only 0.5 over my ideal level. and, i’ve already lost four pounds! that isn’t much, but considering my medicines work against me by causing me to gain weight, i think it’s a pretty good accomplishment.

you know you go to subway to often when…

…the girl behind the counter says, “you got your hair cut!”

that seriously happened to me today. heh. it’s bad enough when they have your order memorized! maybe i should start going somewhere else for lunch… 🙂