computers, cards and cats

we have caught up with technology. we are now the proud owners of a computer with more than 32 gb of hard drive space. that’s right, my old computer had a 32 GB HARD DRIVE. i got it when i started college and can’t believe i was able to put up with it this long. this weekend, we headed to best buy to upgrade. we picked out a gateway with 1 gb of memory and a 250 gb hard drive. it’s amazing that everything from my old computer didn’t even dent the hard drive space on our new one.

we bought the floor model with a monitor, and got a free keyboard and optical mouse. yay. in addition, we received $145 in gift cards for picking a floor model. awesome. since it had to be used on a future purchase, we left our computer at customer service and went shopping. we each got a couple of cds and a dvd. my pick was melrose place season 1. i loved that show when it was on tv.

we spent the rest of the weekend working at the house. we’ve got so much organized now. i can’t wait to be completely done. then i can share pictures! we’ve also been planning landscaping for the front yard. i think it’s going to look really, really nice.

as i mentioned a few days ago, sasha is in heat. she’s been wailing and crying non-stop, and has been chasing aj around constantly. talk about an agressive woman! well, that’s all coming to an end tomorrow. she is going to the vet and getting fixed. the cats did a happy dance today when i told them. until then, none of us are going near sasha. maybe she’ll sleep until tomorrow morning. 🙂

this is why i need our windows FIXED

i need blinds. asap. a skeezy man doing work (i guess) on the house next door parked his truck outside my bedroom window. and was walking by it. while i was getting dressed.

sleep comes for no one

i thought last night would be the night i would catch up on sleep. i passed out around 8:30 p.m. that would make for a nice, long night. not a chance. sasha decided last night to go into heat. all night long (and i do mean all freakin night) she was screaming and crying, which is the female cat’s way of getting a male’s attention. the joke’s on her though. all our boys are neutered, so they don’t care about that kind of thing anymore. at the time, we didn’t know what was going on, so joe was up every time she started to check on her. he said she was just sitting in the hallway by herself crying. he’d bring her in, she’d bite our toes and we’d throw her out. that routine was repeated all night. finally we thought she might be in heat. i called my mom today, and she said that’s how our family’s cat, sally, acted when she went into heat. fabulous.
i’m calling the vet on monday to find out when we can get her spayed. in the meantime, maybe i can convince her to do her screaming during the day. ha!

need . . . sleep . . .

i have been so tired this week, and i have no idea why. it’s been quite a struggle getting out of bed in the mornings, resulting in me falling back asleep for two hours this morning. i thought it was just me, but two people at work were complaining of the same thing today. maybe it’s the weather. . .

“911. what is your emergency?”

“i have a truck on fire.”

that’s the call joe placed saturday night after he and a friend from kiwanis arrived at the house with two vehicles full of boxes from the apartment and our storage unit.

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trials and tribulations

why can’t moving be easy? you know, box up belongings, transport them and unpack. that’s it.

it just can’t be easy for us. first, we had the satellite/internet debacle. now, the contractors the seller hired to install new windows are awol. they were there friday and saturday, and put in two new windows minus the frame. i was okay with that because they were coming back. really, they were. we called our realtor today because we’re a little annoyed. redoing the windows was in our contract, and we thought that letting them finish after the closing was nice of us. i can’t finish putting up the fixtures in my bathroom until they frame that window, which means no place to hang my towels. it’s a sad state of affairs, and it just makes my house look bad.

our realtor was not a happy person when joe called her today, and she immediately called the seller’s realtor, who said that the contractors were supposed to finish yesterday. they have no idea where they are or what the deal is. i don’t know if i mentioned it before, but the seller said he has gone through two contractors just trying to finish this house up.

so, now i have a bathroom missing a towel rack, mismatched windows and ugly markings where the former frames were. but, at least i now have the internet!