and now, i’m back offline

our directtv was hooked up today. that’s the good news. the technician also happened to disconnect our internet while he was at it. that’s the bad news. it’s going to cost us $20 to have it reconnected. that’s even worse news. it’s not that $20 is a lot to pay; it’s the principle. it’s the fact that i have to pay for something someone else did.

i had a great moving story complete with pictures to share, but that will have to wait. blah on directtv.

i’m back online!

well, we’re *mostly* moved into our new house. there are still a few things back at the apartment we need to get. we have until the end of may, but we really want to be completely done in the next few days.

i really love this house. it’s already starting to look quite cute. it’ll just get even better. i did a lot of shopping yesterday, and, since stacey recommended them, i purchased a few of the biltmore estate towels at belk. they are so soft that anything else i touched afterward just felt too rough. i also got a new set of sheets. i never buy anything under 300 thread count, and since the 400 thread count was only $5 more than the 310, i got a set of those.

joe was outside watering our azalea bushes today. hehe. he’s so excited about doing things like that. i think it’s so cute.


so here is a question for all of you. i have heard that really sheets with high thread counts really aren’t that soft. which sheet thread count do you like?

1 day to go

seriously, one day? i can’t believe how fast everything’s gone and that we’re moving tomorrow. i thought the closing process would take much longer, but i’m glad the sellers want to move fast. that’s just less time spent waiting and dreaming about owning our own home.

we have so many ideas for the place. joe is so cute…he’s already thinking of improvements to do. yesterday, he did the sweetest thing. he came by my work and brought a card he had just bought. he told me he wanted us each to write something in it to the other and then he will mail it so it will be one of the first pieces of mail we get at our new place. awww.

and now, i’m off to a morning meeting. blech. here’s hoping i get out in enough time to make it to part of the final walk-through.

to cuddle or not to cuddle

our three male cats have had quite a time adjusting to sasha’s presence. they’re not used to having a female cat around, and she doesn’t seem to understand how their lives work. julius, dizzy and aj like playing with sasha, but she hasn’t understood yet that sleeping to them is a solo activity. they will let the others sleep in the same room or even on the same piece of furniture, but the boys know not to encroach on the other cats’ space.

sasha hasn’t gotten the memo on sleep yet. when she sleeps she wants to be as close to the other cats as possible. yesterday, she jumped up on our bed and plopped down next to aj, putting her head against him and falling asleep. aj looked at me as if he was thinking, how long do i have to do this? he never seemed to look comfortable, and never fully closed his eyes.

today, the three boys were laying on our bed, with plenty of space in between each one. she jumped up and ran over to lay next to julius. he jumped off the bed and left the room. she ran over to dizzy and tried to lay next to him. he, too, jumped off and left. then, she ran over to aj. he stayed. maybe he’s too nice to snub her like that, but again, he gave me that look. poor guys. they’re just not into cuddling with other cats.

while we’re on the subject of cats: why is it that the only cats who will sleep on the *girly* “major diva” bed are the boys?? sasha won’t give it the time of day, but the other three just love it!

maybe my headaches will go away?

i am having a ct scan on may 9. i went to an ear, nose and throat doctor today who told me that’s really the only way to tell if my sinuses are causing the extreme headaches i get every day. it’s at the point where i just can’t handle them anymore. they hit around this time, and they just knock me out, so it’s unbearable when i have a late meeting.

i figured they were sinus-related since they’re behind my eyes, but he said that’s not necessarily the case. so, after three weeks on a heavy-duty antibiotic (zpacs apparantly are of the devil. *sniff*), i will have my sinuses checked to see if they are cleared up. if they are and i’m still having headaches, it may be something else. that possibility scares me. but for now, i’m just going to think they’re because of my sinuses. the thought of a concrete reason makes me feel better.

my brother, who is in nursing school, loves this. when joe was in the hospital friday, randy was asking me questions about his condition and what tests they were doing. it was awesome. he sounded like he knew what he was talking about, although i wouldn’t really know if he didn’t! his tuition for school seems to be paying off though!