tv has returned

i have been so excited about this week. not only are we closing on our house, but my favorite television shows are finally showing new episodes. it has been at least a month (more in some cases) since a new episode of gilmore girls, ugly betty and grey’s anatomy have aired. last week, the office and my name is earl were back after about a month-long hiatus of their own.

i am so, so sick of reruns. after a long day at work, i like to go home and unwind by curling up with joe on the couch and watching some tv. however, there has been no tv to watch lately. i don’t understand why networks have to take such long breaks with shows. i get bored with reruns *very* quickly. i hate watching repeat episodes from the current season. they’re too fresh. i’d rather they be from past seasons.

but i digress. as least baseball has been on. that was slightly helpful. tonight, i have a date with gilmore girls and house. if my meeting lasts too long, it’ll just be a later-than-normal date. oh, and joe can hang out with us too, if he wants. 🙂


our walk through has been pushed back to thursday. apparantly, the plumber and electrician didn’t show up to fix things over the weekend. sigh. it would be nice to see it more than a day before closing in case anything is wrong.

the windows won’t be done by friday either. our realtor said the seller is waiting in case we back out at the last minute. that means workers will be there saturday and/or sunday finishing the windows. that’s going to be great fun to try to unpack around.

on a brighter note, we just found out we’re going to get most of our earnest money back. yay!

four days to go

i hate packing dishes. with a passion.

with that said, i can’t believe it’s only four days until we close on our house and move. people keep asking if we’re excited. we’ll be excited friday night, once it’s over and we’re in our house. until then, you never know what can happen.

we’re having our final walk through tomorrow morning. the seller is supposed to be there, so we will find out if we will have a refrigerator or not. he’s hedged on it, saying that if the repairs cost too much he wouldn’t be able to put one in. it would have been really nice to know before now, but there’s not much we can do about it. the appliances (he said plural, so hopefully that means a fridge!) are arriving tomorrow after our walk through. i’m bummed about that. i’m dying to see what we’re getting!

i think we’re going to be able to cut the time we have the movers down to two hours. we have a couple of friends from kiwanis and one of joe’s friends who offered to help after work friday, so they can get the boxes that are left and the bookcases. it would be nice to save close to $200. 🙂

still home and waiting

two days after our hospital visit, joe isn’t any worse. but, he isn’t any better. unless anything happens tonight, the plan is for him to get a referral from his doctor tomorrow for a g.i., and hopefully get in to see that doctor this week. he said he doesn’t hurt anymore when he moves, but it does hurt quite a bit when someone pushes on his right side, especially when you let up on it. it really could be anything, which really sucks, but we’re trying to keep our minds off it.

it really bothers me that the doctors just send people home with a simple, “we don’t know what it is.” i know that there are a lot of gray areas in medicine, but i had to deal with not knowing for more than a year when i had severe pain in my abdomen. after seeing several doctors, most of whom said they couldn’t figure it out, i was told it was simple constipation. a year later, my gynecologist discovered it was actually endometriosis. so, having been through it myself, it bothers me that the doctor told my husband it could be anything, and left it at that.

on to more positive things. we did some shopping for the new house this weekend. we got a grill and grill supplies, and a nice, fluffy mattress pad. i know that last item sounds mundane, but i like a comfy bed. 🙂 next on my list are some new towels. ours are unraveling, and i’d like some softer ones. i saw some nice ralph lauren towels at belk, which i think i may go back and get. speaking of belk, there is a nice home sale going on right now. i love sales. i found some nice, *soft* sheets that i’m going to go back and get. it’s going to be our house-warming present to ourselves.

and now it’s back to more packing. have i mentioned how much i *hate* moving lately??

back for now

well, the doctor sent us home. joe’s blood test were normal. the ct scan was normal. that, however, doesn’t necessarily mean we’re out of the woods. he said this could be the beginning of appendicitis. or, it could be the beginning of nothing. if it gets worse, we’re supposed to head back.
thanks for clearing that up. really. i can now sleep well tonight. i would really just like to know, as i know joe would. by the way, the nurse who took joe’s blood was not so good at his job. he stabbed that needle all the way through joe’s vein. blech. just thinking about that makes me hurt.

i have to say, it sucked walking in there and seeing joe laying on the bed in a hospital gown with an iv needle stuck in his hand. that’s just not the way you want to see your husband (and vice versa, i’m sure)! i wished it was me laying there instead of him. this whole experience really made me wish i had some friends down here. i have friends up in chattanooga who are there for me (thanks stace!), but it really sucked knowing i didn’t have anyone locally to call and have come over and keep me company. sigh.

and now, we wait. for joe, the next 24 hours will not be a ball of fun. it will be filled with bland food and me asking if it’s still hurting.


joe is in the hospital. right now, they think it’s appendicitis, but they’re not positive. he’s going to have a ct scan in a little bit, and that should tell them a lot. please send some prayers and good thoughts our way. i’m quite nervous because i’ve never had to go through this before with him.