when it rains, it pours

it was bright, sunshiney and warm when i left for work this afternoon, so i wore my cute white, linen shirt.

mother nature decided it was a great day to play a cruel, cruel joke on me. i was covering an airport authority meeting this afternoon when i heard the sound i dreaded most: thunder. i left a little early to get back for my news (and because i wasn’t feeling well at all), and i could see the rain pouring down outside. the girl at the front desk at the city annex building laughed when she saw i was trying to leave, though i could tell she was feeling for me.

i made a run for it. i was parked in the back. by the time i got to my car, you could see my skin through my shirt. luckily, i was wearing a camisole that helped. i have never been so wet before! one of my coworkers brought a station t-shirt for me to wear, but i had a comfy sweater in the car that i threw on over my camisole, and i felt a little bit better.

if only the rain could have held off for 10 more minutes. thanks a lot, mother nature.

it sure is hard to find scrapbooking paper

it is next to impossible to find jewish holiday-themed scrapbooking paper. none of the craft stores carry such paper, and i’ve only been able to find a couple web sites that sell jewish-themed paper. we’re going to joe’s parents’ tonight for sedar to begin passover, and i wanted to buy 2-3 sheets of passover themed paper, which would cost me a little more than $1. shipping itself is almost $5! it just blows my mind that it would cost that much to ship 2 pieces of paper. this is just insane. the things i do for my husband . . . 🙂

is there a doctor in the room?

the man giving the sermon at my church on saturday almost passed out while preaching.

we were all sitting in the sanctuary listening when joe and i noticed his speech getting slower and more slurred. then, his eyes started to close. finally, he said, “i’m not feeling well. i’m going to have to sit down.” the elder for the day jumped up to help him to his seat, then told us we should say a prayer that he would get better.

now, i’m a believer in prayer, but i also believe that if someone looks like they’re going to pass out, you should help them. since i’ve seen my grandfather have several strokes, i honestly thought this man was having one. during the prayer, joe got up and went to the platform to help. he gave the man his water and asked him a few questions, finally figuring out he was diabetic and hadn’t eaten anything all day. joe went up the aisles asking for candy and found someone who had a few halls cough drops.

the man was able to finish his sermon, but joe and i were shocked that everyone in the church just sat there, watching, as this man got sick. i told joe i am never going to church without him!