wayward smoke

it is a yucky day here in northwest georgia. smoke from the raging wildfires in south georgia and north florida has made its way up here. it’s very hazy and smoky out. joe said it was a lot worse where he works in atlanta. i’ve been really dizzy this afternoon, and i’m wondering if the smoke has anything to do with it. i really hope it clears up soon. i feel for the people in the area of the fire. i wouldn’t be able to live with heavy smoke.

the former owners

guess who allegedly used to live in our house. you’ll never guess.

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doctors, doctors and more doctors

today i have an appointment with my primary care doctor to follow up on my fall. yay. there’s nothing i like more than spending the morning in the waiting room, being weighed on a scale that registers me *much* higher than my own and then paying $40 for it all. my insurance copay really is too high.

speaking of the fall, the manager at kroger called me on wednesday to find out how i was doing. he was “so worried about me and hoped i was ok.” right…he was so worried that he didn’t even believe that i fell. i told him i had two sprains and a concussion, and he said, “oh, you don’t have a concussion. i watched the tape and you didn’t hit your head.” well, according to the doctor, the fall on the HARD, CONCRETE FLOOR was hard enough that it made my brain rattle around in my head. poor brain. he told me to call him if i need anything, since he refused to pay my hospital bill and all. thanks!

yesterday, i had an appointment with my ent to get the results of my ct scan. my sinuses were clear and there were no problems aside from a mild deviation of my septum. yay. i think. my headaches have gone away from now, so maybe all i really needed was a good dose of an antibiotic to knock that infection out. i hope so.

the new contractors came yesterday install the rest of our windows. yay. they didn’t bring enough. boo. they don’t know where the other two are. and, they only put in one window yesterday. we’re still waiting to find out who is going to replace the bricks on the outsides of the windows in the back and when. the former contractor just left piles of bricks on our deck. nice.

thank goodness for the er

boy, is kroger going to pay.

i spent seven hours in the er today on two separate trips. the diagnosis? a sprained ankle, a sprained knee and a concussion. i’m really glad now that my mom got me to go. i really wasn’t hurting too bad when i went the first time, but toward the end of my two hours there, my back, knee, ankle and head were hurting. i told them my head was hurting, but they didn’t check it and sent me on my way.

i headed in to work, and my head was feeling really fuzzy and it was really hurting. our station’s consultant came by to ask me something, and i couldn’t understand what he was saying. he said it three times, and it just sounded like gibberish. that’s when i knew something was wrong. he told me to record my news and go home because he thought i had a concussion as well. joe left work early, and i went back to the hospital. four hours and one ct scan later, it was diagnosed as a concussion. luckily, there was no bleeding.

kroger paid for my first visit, but refused to pay for the second. all i have to say is that i’m not done with them yet.

after we left the hospital, we went to gondolier for some much needed food, and then came home to watch the series finale of gilmore girls that joe recorded on the dvr. but, when we walked in, we noticed a trail of blood in the living room and kitchen. little miss sasha has some sort of cut between her toes. we’re not sure how that happened, but when joe gets up every two hours to check on me (the discharge papers said to do that and my sweet husband is not one to take chances), he’s going to be checking on her as well. we called the emergency clinic and were told to take her to our vet in the morning unless the bleeding starts again.

three vet visits in three days. they’re going to start getting sick of our little girl!


i went slippin n’ slidin today. i hit kroger after leaving the vet with sasha to pick up some cat food. i was in a hurry since i had left her in the car, and was walking quickly, so quickly that i didn’t notice the liquid on the floor that was not marked with a “caution: wet floor” sign. as soon as i hit the liquid, my feet went out from under me, and i crashed *hard* onto the floor. the woman walking behind me just laughed as she went around me, which i thought was kind of rude. if i had seen someone fall i would ask if they were ok.

i went straight to the deli and told the employee there that someone needed to clean up the liquid and put out a sign warning other customers. then, after i made my purchase, i told the manager what happened. i took him to the spot where i fell, and there already was a sign out. another employee told him he saw the liquid and saw it being cleaned up, but the manager just didn’t seem to believe there could have been liquid there. it was in front of the first aid section, so there wasn’t anything liquid in the area, and there wasn’t any sign that anything was leaking from the ceiling. i almost turned around and said, “look at my butt. it looks like i peed my pants, so yeah, there was liquid there.”

he said he would write up an incident report, but also said i am not allowed to have a copy of it. so now, if i do need to go to the doctor for anything related to this, it’s my word against that of an incident report that may or may not exist.

now, i’m cranky. and i’m sore. my butt hurts. my wrist hurts because i used it to break my fall. the back of my knee hurts, and my head hurts. i really hope the day gets better from here.

monday thoughts

  • i am really hurting. joe came up with a workout schedule for me, and it’s kicking my butt! it’s good though. it’s just going to take some getting used to. i just hope i start seeing a change soon!
  • it looks like sasha *still* isn’t over her upper respiratory infection. after i brought her home from getting her stitches out today, i noticed more drainage from her nose. so, the several rounds of antibiotics and doctor’s visits didn’t do anything apparantly. we’re taking her to a different vet this time.
  • dizzy bit me today. hard. so hard that the bit marks raised up, and one looks like i got stung by a bee. and now my hand hurts. dumb cat.
  • we had a great mother’s day weekend. we saw my mom on saturday and joe’s on sunday. hopefully next year, i’ll be either a mother or a mother-to-be!
  • my parents’ anniversary and my grandmother’s birthday are on may 26. since my grandparents have been wanting to see our house, i’m hosting a lunch to celebrate both. yay! i *love* cooking and having people over. i’m so excited!
  • we are getting windows friday. i can’t even say how excited i am by this. i will be at target buying some kind of window covering. it will be nice to not have my house exposed.
  • people at work told me to hang sheets on my windows. um….no. i may want my new windows so i can put up blinds or curtains, but i will not stoop to hanging up sheets. i will wait.
  • the series finale of the gilmore girls is tomorrow night. this makes me very sad. i love that show.