dumb criminals

this is from a police report i read the other day when going through the day’s reports. i couldn’t even make something like this up.

an officer was on patrol and pulled up on a man beating another man with an aluminum baseball bat. the officer pulled over and arrested the man. he said, “i wasn’t trying to kill him. i was only trying to break his legs, but he wouldn’t stop moving.”

seriously? you said that to the cop?? maybe he doesn’t know that whatever he says can and will be used against him in a court of law. i really get a good laugh out of my job sometimes.


i was tagged by sara, so here we go . . .

a- attached or single? attached
b- best friend: julisa
c- cake or pie: cake, but i love them both. i’ll never turn down either!
d- drink of choice: diet lemonade from chick-fil-a. mmmm.
e- essential item: one of my many purses. 🙂
f- favorite color: pink
g- gummi bears or worms?  bears
h- hometown: beltsville, md.
i- indulgence: french fries and chocolate 
j- january or february:  um…i guess february…i don’t really have a preference.
k- kids: hopefully soon!
l- life is incomplete without: someone to share it with
m- marriage date: sept. 3, 2006
n – number of siblings: one sister, two brothers, two sisters-in-law and one brother-in-law
o- oranges or apples? both!
p- phobias/fears: death
q- favorite quote: “get it first, but first, get it right.” (the old associated press slogan)
r- reasons to smile: my husband, my house, my family
s- season: spring…summer is tooo hot now!
t- tag three: stacey, l, lisanne
u- unknown fact about me:  i like watching nascar.
v-vegetarian or not: i am most definitely a vegetarian.
w- worst habit: i bite and pick at my fingers when i’m nervous.
x – x-rays or ultrasounds? x-rays…last time i had an ultrasound i had to hold in a full bladder for an hour.
y- your favorite foods: italian and mexican
z- zodiac: aries

why i hate customer service

no one speaks english. seriously, are our call centers in india? every customer service person i talk to for any company is indian. i spoke to two people today trying to get my printer to work with our stupid new computer, and neither of them could understand anything i said.

“please spell your first name for me.”


“can you please spell that again? i can’t understand.”


“ok, so i have t-a-b-y.”


oh, and for the record, apparantly customer service now CHARGES you to receive customer service. this is crap.

hospitals, airlines and math

the ct scan went well today, i guess. i was in the waiting room longer than the scan took.  i will find out the results next wednesday when i see my doctor.  i really hope they find something. that will mean there’s something that can be fixed. and that would be good.

i changed our plane tickets for our return trip from new york last night so we can stay an extra day and catch a yankees game. the airline rep told me it would cost me $60 per person plus the difference in fares. that’s fine. my total was $110. now, i suck at math, but even i know that 60+60 doesn’t equal 110. but i’m not going to argue. if that’s what they want to charge me then i’m taking it and running with it.

ct scan

i’m having my ct scan tomorrow morning. joe is working from home so he can go with me. it’s really not a big deal … it’s just a scan of my sinuses, but i still think it’s sweet that he wants to go.

big news!

i have decided to go back to school. i’ve wanted to get a master’s, and i’ve decided this is the time to do it. i’m not pregnant (yet) and work will pay a certain amount per year, which will cover the number of hours i want to take. i’m really excited, yet nervous.

i’m scared i won’t get in. georgia state requires a 3.0 undergrad gpa, and while that doesn’t sound hard to get, i honestly don’t know if mine was that high. i was an english major which meant i had to take incredibly hard classes (ancient classics, arts and ideas and advanced grammar — will i ever have to use my ability to dissect sentences??), which were much harder than any journalism class. that’s why i chose to be an english major. however that, plus working 40+ hours a week at the college newspaper (more like 80 hours when i was editor) and then working full time at a real newspaper while in school affected my gpa. i hated it because i wasn’t used to getting anything lower than an “a”, but at the same time i was proud of all the experience i was getting, experience i knew would put me ahead of the game. i’m still waiting for that to happen…

i just hope that plays a part when i (hopefully!) am accepted into grad school.