the window saga continues: update

our contractor wouldn’t call joe back today about our windows. this is what happens when they don’t call back:

yes, that is duct tape. because apparantly we now are redneck. sigh. can you tell this will be a long two weeks for me?

the window saga continues

our new windows were supposed to be put in the weekend we closed on the house.

two months later, we’re still waiting. the last two were supposed to be put in this week. however, the contractor told me today the window ordered for the bedroom was the wrong size. we now will have to wait two weeks for the new window to come in. fabulous.

in the meantime, they had already taken out the old window, so they haphazardly put it back in, leaving a nice little gap at the top for bugs to come in and my nice, cool air to go out. great.

out with the old

my day spa is ripping me off. you’re probably thinking i should know this. and you’re probably right. but that’s beside the point.

my day spa is ripping me off. apparantly, they’re charging me twice what other places around here to for my monthly waxing. again, you’re probably thinking i should know this. well, now i do. i found a new place i’m going to try, where i can get a mani/pedi for $35. and they do a good job. our morning show producer got her nails done there. sign me up.

music and lyrics

joe and i met up with four friends last night for trivia at a new pizza place in town. we used to hit the irish pub on wednesday nights for trivia, but the guy running it got on our nerves and, sadly, the pub has gone downhill. last we heard, the owners were in the drug business.

so we thought we’d try a new place. we got there a half hour late (we were told the wrong start time) and ended up coming in third. we rock. however, it sucked because it was all music trivia. obscure music trivia. as in one question was: “what were the names of lisa marie presley’s children?” right, because who exactly would know that? the one thing i liked about the old trivia was the variety of questions. there was always a different topic for each one. oh well.

since our neighbor apparantly is moving, i really hope a young couple will move it. that would be a lot of fun for us, considering our other neighbors are older. it would be nice to have someone our age here.

now it’s time to get ready for the day. i just did a 45-minute workout including 30 minutes of vigorous biking on a higher intensity (yay!), and back/shoulder exercises. i did all the weight exercises with 8-pound weights, so now i think it’s time to move up to 10 pounds. i feel really good.

moving on

there is a for sale sign in our neighbor’s yard. i wonder if that’s because of the three fires we have had here in the last two months or from the cat who, when he screams, sounds like we’re beating an old woman to death? 🙂

i *heart* these shoes

i must have these shoes. they are so cute. and i really need a cute pair of brown shoes to wear with my brown clothes, so the purchase is completely justified. i am definitely going to old navy this weekend.