changing colors

my hair is going gray. or is it silver. whatever color it is, it isn’t good. i noticed a strand today, so i pulled it out (yes, even though i know the saying goes that five more will grow back). then i noticed 8-9 more. now i’m only 27. i don’t have any kids yet. isn’t it a little early for this to be happening?? someone give me some reassurance! since my hair is my best physical feature, this is a little upsetting for me.


my toaster oven caught on fire today. apparantly that’s what happens if you leave toast in too long. the funny thing is that i didn’t put them in any longer than i normally do. when i tried to open the door, flames shot out. my smoke detectors were going crazy (it’s good to test them out every once in a while!), and i couldn’t get the stupid fire extinguisher open. i wasn’t smart enough to use the handy little hose attached to my sink (as joe mentioned after the fact. thanks.), so i threw about three glasses full of water on it, putting out the fire and soaking my kitchen. fabulous.

so now i think my toaster oven is dead. i’m not sure, but it’s drenched and has burn marks all over it. i can’t even look in the window anymore. sigh. what is it with us and fires?

i may just float away

i drank 64 ounces of water today. the recommended 64 ounces of water. the most water i’ve ever had in a day.

now i think i will be moving my cube into the bathroom.

time for change

i decided to change the name of my blog. the old one was a little on the long side, and i think this succinctly sums up my career. i think it’s catchy. what do you all think? any suggestions?

the weekend flew by too quickly, as it always does. on saturday night, joe and i headed down to atlanta for bye bye, buckhead without my brother and his girlfriend, as they decided to bail on us at the last minute. we hung out for a while but, since randy and kate weren’t there, joe’s friends from work had left, my knees were really hurting (i guess i should have taken my medicine before we left!) and it was another hour before the gin blossoms took the stage, we decided to leave. i’m not too disappointed though. we went shopping on the way home, and i got two super cute shirts and a cute pink tote bag. yay!

yesterday, we spent most of the day in douglasville with joe’s parents. we met at their place and then headed to the mall where we parted ways. the boys went to borders while my mil and i went to bath and body works for the semi-annual sale. i have to say, i was disappointed by the products. there were only a few scents on the walls (and i’m not talking about products being sold out), and the shower gels i wanted to get (fresh pineapple and sparkling peach) were sold out. i did find plenty of things to buy, though. my new favorite scent now is mango mandarin. it is so light and fresh smelling. i highly recommend it.

after shopping, we saw pirates of the caribbean 3. it was pretty good, but very long. i started to get tired toward the end. hehe.

now i must go finish folding the mountains of laundry that have piled up. i am so glad we’re going to be home next sunday so we can actually accomplish somethings, like putting up our towel rack in the bathroom and hanging blinds.

bye bye, buckhead

we’re going to be partying tomorrow night. the gin blossoms are playing at 790 the zone’s bye bye, buckhead block party. awesome. i am so excited. i haven’t listened to them in years, but i do love that band. my brother and his girlfriend are coming down for it too, so that will make it even more fun.

speaking of randy and kate, they spent last night with us. we cooked grillers on the grill (joe’s first vegetarian cookout!), and i cooked corn on the cob and baked potatoes. yum. it was a lot of fun. they ended up spending the whole day hanging out at our place today and then met me for a late lunch before heading back up to chattanooga. it was nice to be able to spend more time with them. we’d only seen kate once before at church, so we were able to talk to her a lot more last night.

on sunday, we’re heading down to douglasville to see joe’s dad for father’s day. i can’t remember the last weekend we spent at the house and i have no idea when we will be able to. all our weekends in the near future are booked. it’s nice in a way, but it also sucks because we have so many things we want to get done at home!

what are your weekend plans?

cube talk

nanette wants to see our cubes. of course, i’m going to play along!

the view from outside my cube.


the view to my right. we have my phone; my dalton police department cup, which is use as a pen holder; my mug from the paper i used to work at; a toy fire engine (because i’m a former cops reporter); and a clock that can be either a clock, countdown clock, thermometer or alarm depending on what side it’s on.

and to my left with pics of me and joe, my business cards, a cute little snow globe, and my hand sanitizer and lotion (must-haves!).

can you tell i’m addicted to pictures? by the way, the wood candy dish next to the framed picture was hand-made by a former neighbor of ours in virginia, where we had our weekend house. it really is amazing that he made them himself.

now it’s your turn! like nanette, i want to see where you all spend the majority of your days! leave me a comment so i can stop by and see your pics!