the weekend recap

we had quite a busy weekend! saturday was pretty typical for us. we went to my church in the morning, had lunch, relaxed for a little bit and then headed out to meet rachel, dave and joe’s parents for live free or die harder. that movie was awesome. it was a little longer than most, but i didn’t want it to end. there was so much action, and it was hilarious.

on our way back home, we decided to get off the interstate in kennesaw and take back roads home because a department of transportation sign alerted us to construction a few miles ahead. we had seen construction back up traffic for 10 miles on our way down, so we decided to avoid it.

we were in the exit lane preparing to get off when we saw a car cut off a jeep that was in the fast lane. the driver of the jeep hit his brakes to avoid hitting the car and, since it was raining, spun out and did 360-degree circles all the way across the interstate, getting hit by a semi-truck in the far right lane, before ending up on the side of the road.

we had seen the semi-truck swerve, and we didn’t think it had hit the jeep at first. joe pulled over, yelled at me to call 911 and ran over to the jeep to check on the driver. neither of us thought he would have made it, but he was alive and seemed ok, despite being very shaken up over the incident.

we were out there for about an hour, waiting for the police to come, giving our statement and talking with the driver’s family. the back side of his car was dented, and the impact with the truck caused one of his back wheels to pop off and wedge between the truck’s tires. he was very, very lucky the truck hit only the back of his car, and we were amazed no other vehicles hit him.

it was late when we got home, and we were up early sunday to prepare for my southern living party. it was so much fun! i love hosting, and i had quite a spread. i made pasta salad and brownies, and i had mini pita loaves with hummus and a fruit salad that my mil made. i also made this *yummy* punch with pineapple juice, strawberry koolaid and ginger ale. i wanted to make an ice ring, but i couldn’t find a bundt pan in the size i wanted, so i made ice cubes out of pineapple juice with pineapples in each one. everyone loved them! i wish i had taken pictures. i remembered after the fact that i had forgotten.

my party was such a success, and if any of you want to order some fabulous things for your homes, let me know! i can send you the link to the catalog so you can order online.

paying attention

this conversation happened yesterday at the grocery store:

joe: so we should get to the mall a little early tomorrow to meet everyone for dinner before the movie.

me: what dinner?

joe: we talked about it at nana’s party, meeting up for dinner beforehand.

me: whatever. i never heard that.

joe (on the phone with rachel): so we should meet at xx time so we can eat before the movie


joe: we TALKED about it at nana’s party. we were all there. we talked about having dinner first.

me: no one listens when joe talks.


a day late and a dollar short

well, it’s more than a day late, but i thought i’d share some pictures from our trip to the georgia aquarium anyway. the girls (me, rachel, mil, rachel’s mil and nana) spent the morning there on monday, nana’s actual birthday.

girls at aquarium

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opinions wanted

my station manager said i can have my own show. yay!

this, however, creates a dilemma as i try to decide what kind of show to do. this, my friends, is where you come in. i need all your creative ideas and input to help me figure this out. here’s the rundown:

  • my station plays oldies music
  • our demographic is primarily older residents
  • it might be nice to try to attract younger listeners
  • my show most likely will not be live. pre-recording kind of limits me.

we already have several shows:

  • newsmakers
  • community voices

i think newsmakers is self-explanatory. community voices is similar by interviewing people in the community. now that i think about it, most of our shows consist of interviews, so maybe i should move away from that.

i was thinking something revolving around books. i even thought of a name — “book talk”! this could go involve interviews with authors. however, it might be beneficial to have listeners call in, which wouldn’t really work with a recorded show.

sigh. i’m so excited about this idea, but kind of drawing a blank. your thoughts?

80 summers

eighty fantastic summers was the theme last night as the extended schulman family descended on maggiano’s little italy for nana’s 80th birthday dinner. we all donned our “marge” shirts that nana had printed for the occasion, and we had such a good time! my parents and joe’s sister’s in-laws were part of the group, which made the night even more fun. i really enjoy it when my parents are able to make it to get-togethers.

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i hate having to make an appointment with my gynecologist. i hate how nosey the receptionists are. i understand it’s their job, but they should understand that i really don’t want to tell them why i need to see my doctor.