22 years ago

my life as an only child was over. i didn’t care. i was 5 years old, and i loved my new baby brothers.

i loved playing with them and helping my mom take care of them. as the years went by we had the typical sibling relationship — we had our good times and we had plenty of times when we fought. the only downside is that it was two of them against one of me!

today my little brothers turn 22. one is married with a baby on the way, and the other is in a relationship with a girl who i like i lot. it’s funny how far we’ve all come, and it’s fun to see how our relationship has changed. now, i don’t see them as annoying but as friends who i talk to regularly. if i have a problem, i know i can go to them. and it’s fun to see them grow up. randy, who is in nursing school, often calls me about my arthritis, telling me things to ask my doctor. when joe had his procedure done last month, randy was asking us medical questions about it.

happy birthday randy and ryan!!


today was supposed to be the day we had our last window put in. but, for the last week, joe has been calling the contractor and has not gotten a call back. just a few minutes ago, the contractor’s partner came by to tell me the window hasn’t been ordered.

right. because that was supposed to be done two weeks ago. he called the contractor and told him i wanted to talk to him. i heard him say, “i’m not talking to her.”

this is crap. all i want is my damn window. i’m so sick of getting jerked around.

faux pas

joe probably will kill me for posting this, but it’s too funny not to. this is a conversation we had this morning.

me: my calves are too big.

joe: yeah they are, but they’re not as big as they were! (insert long pause here) wait, did i say the wrong thing?

i know he didn’t mean it like that, but it’s too funny not to give him a hard time about!

a weekend away

our trip to the mountains was just what we needed. it was so nice to get away for the weekend and spend time together.

we left right after i got off work and headed up, making pretty good time. we ate at a mexican place at blue ridge, stopped at food lion and then headed up the 12-mile road that winds up the mountain. as we turned onto the road the cabin is off of, we saw blue lights from a police car, and two other cars were stopped ahead of us. we were stuck for about 20 minutes as a wrecker loaded up a vehicle from a wreck. when we backed up to let the wrecker by, we couldn’t believe how badly damaged the pickup truck was. it was completely smashed in, and there was a hole in the windshield where a body had gone through. as we drove slowly by, we heard a police officer outside telling someone the driver was going about 60 miles per hour. that curve is *not* one you would want to go that fast around.

we weren’t able to see much that night, but the next day as we drove by, we saw where the truck had hit a stone retaining wall head on. it didn’t look pretty. i wondered what had happened to the person(s) in the truck, but we never found out.

we spent the rest of our weekend reading, driving around and hanging out. on saturday night, we saw ratatouille, which was an excellent movie. the short at the beginning was well worth the price of admission.

we also took some pictures while we were there. they turned out pretty well considering we took them ourselves!

the rest of the pictures are here.

and the best part of the weekend: i apparantly own a bank! 🙂