joe got me an ihome for our anniversary!! i’ve been wanting one for *forever* for the kitchen. instead of getting me the under the counter one, he got this portable one so i can take it from room to room. yay!! he gave it to me today so we could take it to the cabin.

i got him what he wanted too: the simpsons, season 1. hehe. 🙂

i love surprises

i was typing away at work today when these showed up:


my wonderful hubby remembered that i’ve always wanted to have flowers sent to me at work. aww. they are gorgeous too. and they smell sooo nice. sigh. what a great way to start off our anniversary weekend!

360 days

in just five days, joe and i will celebrate our wedding anniversary. that’s right, ladies, we have been married for almost a year. i can’t believe how quickly this year has gone by. i hope every year doesn’t fly by like this!

we originally had planned to go to savannah next weekend since i’m working this weekend. however, since it has been sweltering here with temperatures topping 100 degrees most days, we really didn’t want to deal with the even hotter and more humid temperatures in south georgia. so, this weekend we’re going to joe’s parents’ cabin since the rest of the family will be at a cousin’s wedding (we really wanted to go, but i have to work sunday and originally was working monday before our morning show host offered to work for me). next weekend, we’re going to atlanta where we’ve booked a room at a really nice hotel. i’m excited. it’ll be a lot more relaxing than driving four hours both ways.

the weekend can’t get here soon enough.

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miss teen usa pageant

have any of you heard about the miss teen usa pageant? miss teen south carolina was asked why many americans don’t know where north america is on a map. here’s her response. it’s pretty painful.

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