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feeling off

my inner clock has been off the last couple of weeks. last friday, i woke up and thought it was saturday. this morning, i thought it was friday. sadly, i still have another day to go.

the weeks used to fly by, but now they feel as if they’re crawling.

hot, hot, hot

oh. my. gosh. the dress fits perfectly! and i look good in it! i hides my stomach (yay!) and joe says it gives me hips. i don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, but he seems to think it is. the one downside was that none of my shoes worked with it. so, today i was on a mission to find the perfect shoes.

and find them, i did. they were the second pair i tried on, and once i had them on my feet i knew i had to buy them. one of the employees walking by me on her way to the dressing room told me they looked great on me. of course, being a former retail worker, i’m sure she was just trying to sell them to me, but i did agree with her.

so, i walked out of the store with yet another pair of shoes.

shoe 1 crop

shoe 2 crop

(please pardon my toes which are in desperate need of a new coat of polish.)

i have to say, i feel pretty sexy in those shoes, and when i’m all dressed up saturday night i know i’ll look hot. i’m even planning on wearing them with my little black dress for our anniversary dinner. of course, now that i start to feel good about myself my insecure side is coming out and i have to wonder if my feet look too fat for those shoes.

old habits

everytime i open the cabinet to the right of my sink i feel like i’m back at my parents’ house. the aroma of coffee is the same smell that hits my nose when i open the cabinet to the right of my parents’ stove. my mom has always kept her peanut butter, spices, coffee and tea in that cabinet. as i was unpacking our new kitchen, i realized that i was putting the exact same items in my cabinet. it just seemed like the right place for them. i’m now trying to wean joe off of the idea that peanut butter is kept in the pantry!

it’s funny how habits we pick up as kids stay with us and how we end up doing some things the same way our parents did. what are some things you picked up from your parents?

good thing michael vick pleaded guilty

vick on trial. haha. i think everyone here in atlanta will be happy when this is all over and they officially say he’s not coming back to the falcons.
vick on trial

the case of the missing silverware

one by one, our silverware has been disappearing. we received four sets for our wedding (why, oh why can’t people buy off registries??), and a few months ago discovered we were down to three knives and three dinner forks. i wish i knew where they went. we didn’t even find them when we moved out of the apartment.

last night, i discovered we now are down to three tablespoons and three dessert forks. by some miracle, we still have four teaspoons. it is so strange how our silverware is disappearing. part of me wonders if aj is taking them from the drainboard, since he has been known to steal things in the past (i.e. my blush brush, joe’s razor). it’s a long shot because i don’t know how easy it would be for him to carry them (they’re nice and heavy), but it’s a theory.

thank goodness my mil is getting us silverware for our anniversary! have i mentioned how awesome my in-laws are??