after upgrading my wordpress platform today (and having a minor panic attack when it looked like i’d screwed up and lost everything) and after struggling *forever* to get the stupid sideblog plugin working, i finally succeeded on both. there is such a feeling of satisfaction from figuring out something that has stumped you. now if i can just get my old template to work…

cops and surprises

there is never a dull day here at casa de schulman. we woke this morning after a night of little sleep and discovered the dog that had kept us up most of the night with its howling was in our neighbor’s backyard. the only problem with that was that we hadn’t seen our neighbors in several days. there was no food or water left out for the dog, so we filled a bowl with water and then went to the store to buy it some food.

later this afternoon, i looked out our bedroom window and saw our neighbor’s car. then, i saw her with three sheriff’s deputies. joe and i sat on the bed peering out the window and trying to see if we could tell what was going on. when they left, he went over to get our bowl and let our neighbor know we had fed the dog.

apparently, her boyfriend had brought the dog home from work, and the boyfriend is now the ex-boyfriend since there are warrants out for his arrest. yes, people, he’s been out of prison for three weeks and already is wanted. she said they got in a really big fight the other night and the neighbors across the street called the police. her ex-boyfriend “jumped out of the window” when the police arrived and fled. he’s now wanted for domestic violence and cruelty to children.

my neighborhood is better than an episode of jerry springer.

tonight, i took joe out for his birthday dinner and surprised him by inviting some of his friends, one of whom he hasn’t seen since our wedding. we had a great time, and he was totally surprised. however, our waiter was the worst one i’ve ever had. he dumped a pitcher of ice water on my foot and then walked off without an apology or an offer to bring me some napkins. then, he took my plate without asking if i was done (i like to pick at my food while i talk) and he brought everyone drink refills except for me. joe had to pointedly ask him about it. i can overlook the little things, but dumping the water on me really irked me. it was freezing. i would have been ok with it if he had apologized. but he didn’t.

now we’re off to eat some yummy chocolate mocha ice cream and watch some tv we dvr’d during the week. have a nice night!

flea marketing

you know how every once in a while someone will find something rare, like a picasso painting, at a flea market? well, that happened to us last sunday. we hit a couple of flea markets before the braves game for a story joe is writing, and at the second one joe decided to browse through some books. as he did, he found a 1904 edition of mark twain’s a kid in king arthur’s court. joe asked how much it was and was told $1, so he handed the seller a $1 bill and we left quickly, just in case the seller realized what he had just sold.

we came home and looked up the value. it’s worth $4-$400! we couldn’t find the exact copy online, so joe’s going to call some stores that sell rare books to find out. not that we’re going to sell it. my dad’s a bookworm, so we’re giving it to him for his birthday in november — with the understanding that it eventually comes back to us, of course!

i’m the new first lady!

last night, joe was installed as president of our kiwanis club. that makes me the first lady. 🙂

the meeting was great. my parents and joe’s dad came, and i was given an award for my work on the recent kiddie day parade.

me receiving award

i was so proud of my husband. he will make a fantastic president. he already has a lot of really great ideas for ways to increase our membership and get us more visible in the community. luckily, those ideas are things that our older members can do.

joe being installed

joe was *really* excited to receive the gavel!

joe with gavel

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fall tv

other people have posted their fall tv schedules, so i thought i’d share mine for those of you who are dying to know what joe and i watch in the evenings (and i know all of you are desperately wanting to know). so, without further ado, this is what will be on our dvr:

king of the hill
desperate housewives

the bachelor

the biggest loser

gossip girl
private practice
pushing daisies

ugly betty
grey’s anatomy
the office
my name is earl

returning mid-season are:
notes from the underbelly
october road

wow. from this you’d think we’re tv addicts or something. 🙂

how suite it is

me and joe at braves game

sitting in a suite is defintely the best way to watch a baseball game. i don’t know how i’ll go back to the regular seats now! as joe and i sat in the box, we saw people on the lower level fanning themselves. why are they doing that, i thought. it’s not hot out. then i remembered that i was under an overhang with a fan blowing on me. hehe.

we had the best time today. it was a fantastic game. the braves were down 4-1 and managed to come back and win 7-4. it was really awesome and a great way to end the home season. the funniest thing happened. we were walking in, heading toward the escalators, and i saw sara! i didn’t really recognize her at first (she looked different than her pics!), but i definitely recognized her daughter and fiance! it was so random. i looked over and said, “hey, isn’t that sara??” so, we caught up with them and talked for a few minutes. she is so sweet!

we also met up with jon, one of joe’s best friends, and that was a blast. i haven’t seen him since our wedding! now we’re home, and it’s back to the routine. it’s too bad today had to end.