what a difference a year makes

one year ago today, my youngest brother got married.

oriona and ryan 4

today, they’re celebrating with one more person.

ryan, ori and harrison 1

happy anniversary, ryan and oriona! i hope you spent today enjoying each other and your new son!

going crazy

i hate wal-mart. i avoid it at all costs. tonight, however, i decided to have my prednisone prescription filled there. prednisone is one of the $4 drugs, and i wanted to take advantage of that deal since i haven’t been able to before.

wal-mart lady: that’ll be $6.84.

me: oh, i thought it was $4. (not that i cared; i had just automatically taken out $5)

wal-mart lady: DON’T GET EXCITED!

me: uh. ok. i was just wondering.

wal-mart lady: JUST CALM DOWN!

that lady had some serious issues. geez. i really hate wal-mart.

it’s my blog and i’ll complain if i want to

i am so.freakin.tired of hurting. so tired. i went off my enbrel earlier this year in preparation for ttc. i can’t remember how long i’ve been off it, but it seems like an eternity. it really wasn’t too bad until just this week. i remember thinking, with this little bit of knee pain i can totally handle being off my enbrel. i was so naive. i now have pain in my fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, toes and ankles. basically every single joint in my body is aching. people, we’re talking pain so bad i could barely pump gas. stupid arthritis.

so, i called my doctor. my new doctor, that is. my former rheumatologist left the practice last month. the receptionist told me my appointment is on october 10. can we move it up? no. she’s booked solid. of course. i left a message for her nurse *before* 4 p.m., which means it is *supposed* to be returned the same day. did i hear from her? no.

i just placed an after hours call to my new doctor. i’m sure she can’t put me back on my enbrel (which my obgyn says is fine to take when ttc and during pregnancy, and shouldn’t *he* know what medicines are ok to take when pregnant?) or on humira, which is what i think my old doctor wanted to put me on, but she could at least give me a prescription for prednisone. oh, how i long for that lovely steroid that made me swell and gain weight. i’ll be swollen but at least i’ll be semi-pain-free.

and now i am done with my little pity-party. 🙂


joe’s friend jon gave him a call this morning.

jon: hey, what are you doing sunday?

joe: going to the braves game.

jon: me too. where are you sitting?

joe: lexus suites.

jon: heh. me too.

looks like we’ll be able to hang out with jon while we’re in the lexus suites. did i mention we are going to be sitting in the LEXUS SUITES? where all the corporate bigwigs take clients and potential clients? in the air conditioning? joe’s mom works at cnn and won tickets for the last home game of the season. last year we got more tickets from her, but this year we just didn’t have time to go to games. bummer. the funny thing is someone else in her office won a parking pass for the game. haha…a parking pass but no ticket.s how much does that suck? anyway, we are so excited. we just hope our suite will have free food!

a day in my life

the person who wrote this story on the onion must a reporter. there is no other way he could so accurately describe our thoughts on city council/town hall meetings. these are the bane of our existences, and much of what he thought i have thought time and time again as residents talked and talked and talked about issues not even on the agenda. even if you are not a journalist, you will still get a good laugh out of it. oh, how i love the onion.

dumb people, part 2

joe took my new ring in to be resized on monday. it came in a size 7 and was falling off my finger! it was supposed to be ready yesterday. joe got a call from zales telling him it was ready. then, he got another call telling him to disregard the first. apparently, the person who resized it sent it to a different mall. they apologized and said it would be in today.

just a few minutes ago, joe was heading over to pick it up when he received another call from zales. the person who was supposed to bring it from the other mall never stopped by that store to pick it up, so it won’t be in until tomorrow. i am so pissed. in my opinion, he should go get it and drop it off today. why wouldn’t he have gone by the store first to pick up everything? the people at zales better be lucky they’re dealing with joe because he’s a lot nicer right now than i am!