you know you’re in the south when . . .

the street sign for morningside drive says “morninside drive”.

why is it that my clothes seem to fit tighter every day? i haven’t gained weight, yet my pants feel more and more like they’re going to burst. joe says it’s all in my head because if my clothes really fit that much tighter every day i would be a blimp by now.

regardless, i need new pants now that fall is upon us. i have been searching high and low for a good pair of khakis, and i can’t find one anywhere. i loved the khaki wall at the gap, but i haven’t seen it in our store in a while. besides, i don’t think i can do the low-rise fit anymore because of my stomach. i guess it didn’t bother me when i was younger, but now i feel so self-conscious.

suggestions anyone?


our new neighbors have moved in. i can’t remember if i mentioned that before. we met them a couple of weeks ago.

joe: hi. i’m joe, and this is my wife cady.

neighbor: i’m *name goes here*. i just got out of prison.

that was when i wanted to excuse myself and go hide all our valuable belongings. don’t worry. the story gets better. joe told jerry we had been in atlanta celebrating our one-year wedding anniversary.

neighbor: i hope my girl and i are together for a year.

joe: oh, how long have you been married?

neighbor: we’re not. she’s still married to her husband.

i sense many jerry springer moments in our future. and, to top the whole thing off, our neighbor was wearing an atf hat. joe says it must have been his parting gift when he left prison.

we looked our neighbor up on the state department of corrections web site that night to see what he had been in prison for. the next day, i called the pio at our sheriff’s office. as soon as i told him the last name, he knew who i was talking about.

pio: we think he broke into my wife’s house before we got married.


my new nephew!

after 9 hours of labor without the use of any pain reliever, my sister-in-law gave birth to my beautiful nephew, harrison tyler.

harrison 1

harrison 2

i have to say, i really respect her right now because i don’t think i could have done that without an epidural. we got the call from ryan around 12:30 a.m., after having been asleep for only 2 hours, and headed out from joe’s parents’ cabin, which is about 2.5 hours from the hospital. we stopped in and said hi to ryan and ori, and then went to the family waiting room, where we were with my family and oriona’s dad until 9 a.m. when harrison was finally born. i’m really glad it happened then, because we had to leave at 9:30 a.m. because i had to work today.

it sucks that when we next see him he will be several weeks old! i haven’t even gotten to hold him yet. 🙁

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