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anniversary fun

yesterday was a busy, fun day. we spent most of our time at the mall. i can’t even remember the last time i went to the mall. i just never get down that way. it was great. and, i got a surprise present.

ring 4

ring 3

joe got me a new engagement ring. now, before you think that i am completely selfish, there is a story behind it, which i will tell you about in another post.

we had dinner at chilis and then came home to read the notes the women at my bridal shower put in my bridal pig and watch bridget jones’ diary 2, which is what we saw on our first date. we decided those will be our anniversary traditions.

anniversary traditions

today, we went to see joe’s parents and grandmother and had a nice lunch at olive garden. joe’s mom bought us a cake too, which was really sweet. what a great anniversary. i don’t know how joe will outdo it next year. 🙂

me and joe on our anniversary

one year ago today

i married my best friend.

me behind joe 1

it’s amazing how fast this first year went. our wedding is still so vivid in my mind. ok, well parts of it. it was such a blur of activity, i don’t even remember some of the people who were there! i never realized how great marriage would be. sure, it’s hard, but it’s so much more fun and rewarding.

joe, i love you more every day. you’re my soulmate and my best friend. if the first year of marriage was this great, i can’t wait to see how awesome the rest of it is going to be.


joe woke me up at 12:01 a.m. to tell me happy anniversary. hehe. that was pretty sweet.

last night my parents took us to dinner at the depot in dalton, which is a restaurant in the renovated train depot. it is my favorite restaurant there, and as always, the food was amazing. my brothers and sister-in-law came too, which was nice.

tonight, we’re going to chilis for dinner. we thought it would be fun to eat at the same place we did on our wedding night (we were *way* too busy at the wedding to eat anything, as every bride knows). we’re dorks like that. besides, we’re going out for our nice dinner saturday night in atlanta. yay!

and, since our hotel is closer to gwinnett county than we are, we are going to ledo’s while we are there. i think this is what i am the most excited about. i have missed ledo’s pizza ever since we moved from maryland. i know i have mentioned this before. it is the best pizza ever — light, flaky crust; no grease. sigh. i get happy just thinking about it. i’m going to do what i did the last time we went and order a second pizza to bring home. 🙂