a month of daily posting

i know i’m a little late in this, but here it goes anyway. i decided to participate in national blog posting month this year. i’m not really sure why, since some days i have to stretch to find blogging material. but maybe this will be good for me and teach me how to be a little more creative.

i could also use some help! if there’s anything you want me to post about or anything you want to know about me, let me know!

happy halloween!

i am judging a costume contest tonight at the halloween festivities in one of our cities. i’m excited about it, but i’m kind of bummed about missing out on giving out candy to trick-or-treaters. oh well. we probably wouldn’t have a lot of kids come by anyway since our street is so short. 🙂

what are your plans for tonight?

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weekend recap

this past weekend was one of those relaxing ones you just don’t want to end. we were planning on going to my old church and then to lunch at my parents’ on saturday, but my grandfather broke his foot and his fibula friday, so we were up late getting updates while my parents were at the hospital with him. everyone ended up sleeping in, so we stayed home. we had lunch together and then relaxed. joe napped and i scrapbooked. it was great.

that night, we had dinner at los reyes, our favorite local mexican restaurant, and rented knocked up, which was a great movie. it was hilarious. we also played quite a bit of sonic the hedgehog, since we bought a collection for the xbox that includes all the sega sonic games, all the game gear sonic games and a few new ones. sonic was one of my favorite games, so it’s fun to be able to play it again.

on sunday, we were up *very* early (think 6:30 a.m.) to meet joe’s dad and our brother-in-law, dave, for breakfast at bagelicious, a jewish deli in marietta. i heart bagelicious. the bagels are so.frickin.good. and let me just say, once you start eating new york bagels, you just can’t go back to the grocery store brands.

the best part of breakfast was when joe and dave arrived wearing the exact same shirt (but in different colors). it was hilarious. and, of course, i had to take a picture of the twins with their bagel bags. 🙂

shirt twins

after breakfast, i had to go into work for a little bit, and then joe and hit the tennis courts, where i beat him once again (that’s 3-0 now). then we napped for most of the afternoon, since we were so tired from being up so late friday night and up so early sunday morning.

now, it’s monday, and i’m already looking forward to the weekend. we’re taking a day trip up u.s. highway 41, which runs from chicago to florida. we were planning on it, and then joe pitched the idea to the sunday paper, so now he’s doing a story on our trip. it should be a lot of fun!

world series champs

the boston red sox won their 7th world series last night. i was glad to see them win because i really like them, but i was sad the world series ended so soon. i was really hoping it wouldn’t be a sweep. now, it’s on to thinking about next season.

one happy scrapper

i got quite a bit of scrapping done this weekend. i finished two pages (minus the journaling) for our scrapbook, and four pages (still have to do the headers on two) for ryan and ori’s wedding scrapbook. the two pages i’m completely done with are two of my all-time favorites. i just love how they turned out.

oriona's wedding scrapbook-bride and groom

oriona's wedding scrapbook-flower girl

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