the not-so-big loser

one of my favorite tv shows is the biggest loser. i love watching these people take charge of their lives and make a decision to become healthier. and i get excited seeing how many pounds they drop each week. the new york times recently ran a story about how people who are not as heavy and trying to lose weight on their own are getting discouraged and giving up because they aren’t dropping double digits every week like the contestants on the show are.
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i love wednesdays. it’s my “off day”, and joe gets to make dinner. not that he doesn’t help on other days, but it’s nice to have one day a week to come home and totally relax.

sale at joann!

joann is having a moonlight madness sale until saturday with discounts on a lot of items. there’s also a coupon for 50 percent off the full price of one items online. i love sharing these craft sales with you all. 🙂

free ice cream

i saw this on shannon’s blog, so i thought i’d share with you guys too. if you sign up at cold stone’s web site, you can get a free ice cream for you (and i think your family too) on your birthday! i’m a huge cold stone fan, so i signed up first thing this morning.

counting on the cops

our wanted neighbor returned yesterday. joe was outside getting dizzy when he saw our neighbor on the back deck. he came in and called the pio of our sheriff’s office, whom we both know well from work. he confirmed that there were active warrants for our neighbor’s arrest and got on the radio to get deputies out to our area.

two hours later (seriously, two *hours* later), the deputies finally showed up. by then, our neighbor was long gone (or at least that’s what we’re assuming since he wasn’t arrested. then again, his girlfriend could have lied to protect him). sigh. i just hope they don’t realize we’re the ones who called the cops.

cropping and costumes

it was a semi-busy, semi-relaxing weekend in our household. after work on friday, a co-worker and i headed to kennesaw for a close to my heart workshop. it was a lot of fun, and i’m really excited to start cropping with the women in my meetup group. they all seem really cool. i bought a set of stamps, and now i have to pick out something else to buy to go toward our hostesses party. the problem is, it’s too hard to decide. i want a lot of the items in the catalog! here’s the latest page i did to enter into our group’s contest. the theme is to scrapbook a day of the week.

sabbath lunch

on saturday, i ended up sleeping until almost 11 a.m. (this arthritis is kicking my butt. when will the enbrel get back in my system??), so i missed church. i made a yummy lunch for us: baked chicken (vegetarian buffalo wings for me!), wild rice and corn.


after an afternoon of reading, relaxing and scrapping, it was time to prepare for tim and mindy’s halloween party. as i mentioned earlier, we decided to change our costumes. i went as andie anderson from “how to lose a guy in 10 days”.

halloween party 2

joe went as the transporter.

halloween party 1

now, two people showed up in regular clothes. when asked what they were, valerie said, “oh, i’m an extra”, and david said, “i’m, uh, bud bundy.” bud bundy who’s not even in a movie. then, *they* won prizes for their costumes! what’s up with that?? at least we picked characters from our favorite movies, as was the theme. oh well.

sunday was spent relaxing and watching another playoff blow-out as the red sox beat the indians to advance to the world series. yay. and now, it’s monday again. next weekend seems so far away.