sales, sales and more sales

the new kohls store opened here in cartersville. the grand opening is tomorrow, but it secretly opened sunday. they didn’t tell anyone, which i thought was kind of strange because i’m sure it cut down on the number of customers.

nonetheless, i found out about it and headed over there today before work. everything, and i do mean everything, in the store is on sale. some sales are a certain percentage off while others are buy 1 get 1 free. a certain birthday boy in our household is getting some new dress pants!

i got a pair of gray vera wang pants and a cute top. yay. i love the vera wang line. the cashier who rung me up told me the line at her store is always sold out. i definitely think i’m going to pick up another pair before the sale ends!

fall weather

even though afternoon temperatures still reach the 80s, i can tell fall is coming. last saturday, it was crisp and cool out in the morning, so i made a mug of hot blueberry tea. it was so nice and relaxing. i love fall, and i can’t wait for the cool days to arrive.

on sunday i had to work, but afterward, joe and i hit the tennis courts for a match. earlier that morning, i had talked to my mom on the phone.

me: i’m going to kick joe’s butt at tennis today.
mom: haha. yeah right.

i beat joe 4-3. oh ye of little faith. i told my parents about it that night at the wedding we attended. they didn’t know i play tennis. i haven’t played in years. but i guess i haven’t lost it. i’m sure joe will beat me next time though!

birthday boy!

today is my hubby’s 28th birthday! joe, i hope you have a fabulous day and feel extra special! i’m glad i get to share these special moments in life with you, and i hope we spend many, many more birthdays together. i love you!

joe on whale watching boat

baseball and traveling

joe and i are already thinking about next year’s vacation. as of now, we’re looking at an atlanta to kansas city to san francisco route. my dad’s cousin lives in san fran and said if we get ourselves out there he’ll take care of the rest of our stay. i haven’t seen him in years, so it’ll be nice to see him again. plus, my cousins live out in that sort of general area (jacki is an hour away and ray is in loma linda, but said he’d fly up to see us). it would be a great trip filled with family, sight-seeing and baseball. obviously, one of the highlights of our trip would be seeing a giants game. and, of course, maybe being able to meet up with liz!

i’m sure you all noticed the kansas city part of our itinerary too. now, i’m sure there is a plethora of things to do in kansas city, but we’re not interested in that. our only reason for stopping there is a trip to kaufmann stadium, home of the kansas city royals, joe’s new favorite team. we wanted to fly in, see a game and fly right back out, but then we realized we would have our luggage with us. and we’d need transportation. so, we might stay overnight and head out to san fran the next day.

it’s all still in the works. things might happen that would change our plans (if you know what i mean). but it’s fun to start planning.