i went to the chiropractor today for my first post-accident visit. our radio station was playing in the office, and when i went into the exam room he said, “are you the cady schulman i listen to every day on the radio?” it was kind of fun to be recognized.

even though i liked him, my visit today was not fun. xrays confirmed that i have whiplash in two spots — one on my neck and one on my back. that confirmed what he thought from examining me, as my middle back and neck hurt like crazy when he pushed down, and the muscles around my spine hurt really bad too. then i had to get popped and adjusted, and that is just not fun. at least not for me. when i was laying on the table about to have my neck popped, the left side of my neck cramped up. i’ve never had that happen before, and it hurt like hell. it literally felt like i was paralyzed. coincidentally, that was how he described it when he asked me about it.

the one upside to my visit today was the back massager he ran over my back after the adjustment and the warming towels he put on me. i almost fell asleep from the heat. it was so nice.

i have to go back two times next week. who knows how much longer i’ll have to go after that.

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don’t tase me, bro

after sara posted about a conversation she had at work about tasing, i thought i’d share my own tasing story with you all. yes, i have been tased. bet you wouldn’t take me for that kind of girl, huh?

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goodbye thumper and frisky

it’s been a tough couple of days for my family. yesterday, my grandma had to put her dog, thumper, to sleep. he was about 10 years old and had a very aggressive throat cancer. he was no longer able to breathe through his nose and was trying to breath through his mouth around the cancer.

today, my family put randy’s cat, frisky, to sleep. frisky was 19 and had a long life for a cat. it was especially hard for randy because he and ryan were only three when we got frisky. i’ll never forget that day. we had gone to a movie and stopped in a fish store just a few doors down. there, in a cage, was a kitten we would adopt.

we named him frisky because, well, he was all over the place. he was a crazy cat. not long after we brought him home, we adopted sally, who had been dropped off at our vet’s office. frisky and sally acted as if they didn’t get along, but she later gave birth to his babies. frisky tried to deny them, but it was hard for him to when one was his spitting image. that kitten, obviously, was named frisky, jr.

my parents were hoping frisky could last until after the holidays. christmas was his favorite time. each year he would sit in front of the christmas tree for hours just staring at the lights and ornaments. on christmas eve, he was the only cat allowed in the room while we opened our presents. he loved it. he loved the wrapping paper. he just loved being around us.

boppa 2

frisky sitting on box 2

lately, frisky hadn’t been doing very well. he was incredibly thin. for the last few days he wasn’t able to eat or even move. the vet said today that he had kidney failure and would start to be in a lot of pain. so, randy and my dad decided to put him to sleep. after a long, good life he can now rest. goodbye frisky. christmas won’t be the same this year without you.

new wheels

i’m driving around in a new car these days. my mustang is being repaired from the wreck i was in, and i’m in a rental toyota prius. the prius is a hybrid, and it is an awesome car. it’s not as cute as my mustang, but it has some really neat features, including a push button start and a computer screen on the dashboard where you control the temperature and audio in the car. plus, it gets 35-40 or so miles to the gallon. i think when the time comes for us to get a new car we’ll get a hybrid for joe since he has a commute into the city for work.

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