i was in a hurry this morning. i had several errands to run before heading down to marietta to drop off my car to be fixed. i was leaving the post office when i fell. hard. as in flat out, spread-eagle in the middle of the parking lot. my phone bounced across the pavement and all i could think was, “this is embarrassing. i have to get up. but man, do i hurt.”

i dragged my sorry butt up and ran over to my car. no one bothered to ask if i was ok until i was about to shut my door. just a few minutes ago i regained feeling in my pinky. i have so much grace.


here’s a question for all you married women: what do you call your mil? rachel calls her mil “mom”, and dave calls my mil the same thing. for some reason, i feel weird calling her that. i’m not really sure why. maybe the fact that she calls herself “steph” to me has something to do with it. do any of you feel the same way?

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for all you crafters out there, joann has a deal with free shipping through wednesday. yay! and this isn’t just for crafters. there are some awesome home decorations on sale and available as well. send me an email, and i’ll forward you the information.

holiday pictures

it’s that time where we must decide what picture to send with our holiday cards. we’ve narrowed the ones we took down to two. which do you think we should use?


fall pictures 2



thanksgiving-me and joe 6


we have decided we are never stopping at home in between visiting families for thanksgiving again. this is why:

  • i forgot my hair dryer at the cabin
  • i forgot my brush and clothes for church today at home
  • i forgot the turkey and table we were supposed to take for my parents
  • i forgot our toiletry bag at my parents’ house (and now joe is on his way to meet my brother half way to get it
  • i’m sure there are other things i forgot in the last two days, but that’s enough for now. i’m glad today is over.