we had such a fun time on our road trip today, but our 11 hour day has left me exhausted! i couldn’t even keep my eyes open enough to watch all of “my name is earl” from thursday. boo. that’s ok. we’ll finish it tomorrow. i’m off to bed, but i have lots of pictures to share tomorrow!


i don’t know how i’m going to make it through november. first, i signed up for nablopomo. that’s not so bad. it will actually be kind of fun coming up with something interesting to post every day. however, i wish they didn’t do it in november. with the holidays, it’s hard to post every day. i know we’ll be away from our computer for one night while we’re at joe’s parents’ cabin. maybe i can use his dad’s laptop while the boys are out all night smoking the turkey.

the second thing i did was sign up for national novel writing month because i’m finally going to write this book i’ve been working on (or not so much working on). it’s giong to be tough (the goal is to write 1,667 words a day), but yesterday i exceeded my goal and i got on quite a roll, which boosted my spirits. joe is doing it too, so at least i have someone to go through it with. and who knows. i could come up something semi-decent! maybe i will share later. or if you want to read it, leave a comment.

no tricks, lots of treats

happy nablopomo!

halloween was a bust for us again this year. the only trick-or-treaters we had were the neighbor’s kids, so that really doesn’t count. now, we have a *huge* bowl of candy leftover, which is not so good for the whole losing weight thing. next time we move it will be to a frickin subdivision where we will get lots of frickin trick-or-treaters!

on a brighter note, the costume contest i judged last night was fun. it was a lot of fun being a “celebrity judge” (i and a reporter from the newspaper were the judges).

me judging costume contest

there were some great costumes. my favorite, though, was a girl dressed as a jockey with a horse around her waist to look like she was sitting on it. that costume was awesome. and yes, she was one of the winners. 🙂

i rushed home for gossip girl only to remember it wasn’t on last night. stupid cw and their stupid reruns.