someone has my debit card number. i logged into my bank account this morning, and noticed a transaction in my check card holds for a company i’ve never heard of. i called the bank and was told the purchase was made at 6:49 a.m. that’s funny because i didn’t wake up until after 8:30 a.m. i just don’t know how someone could have gotten my card number. it’s always in my wallet unless i’m using it, and my purse is never out of my sight when i’m out.

now, my card has been deactivate and it will take 7-10 business days to receive a new one, which is great since it’s almost christmas and we’ll be out and about visiting family. this is the time when i really *need* my card. plus, i have bills to pay that are set up to come off my old card. now, i have to set them up to come off joe’s card and then reset everything once i get my new card. what a hassle.

christmas for the kids

tonight is the christmas party our kiwanis club is hosting for the local children’s shelter. there are 25-30 people in our club. there will be three people at tonight’s event. that’s including me and joe, in case you were wondering. it blows my mind how people who are involved in a service club that does outreach for children are too lazy to help out at events, especially at ones like tonight’s party. it’s easy. it doesn’t require exertion, so our older members can help. they just choose not to. it makes me angry, and it makes our club look bad. and, it makes me wonder why they’re involved to begin with if they don’t participate. i wish there was some way to make them participate, but i just don’t think there is.

no parenting advice from the spears

lynne spears’ book on parenting has been put on hold indefinitely. i guess her publisher decided she’s not the best person to dish out advice since britney has had her children taken away from her and 16-year-old jamie lynn is pregnant.

the name game

i got a call today from a store where we wanted to purchase something for joe’s mom for hannukah (as in two weeks ago now) letting us know it had come in. it was supposed to be in the week of hannukah.

“hi, is caddy there?”

i repeated my name, pronouncing it correctly for her.

“oh well they had it spelled weird here.”

you know, maybe that’s how it’s *spelled*. i know i shouldn’t be offended by that, but i am. why do people think my name is spelled wrong just because it’s spelled differently? people even try to correct *me* when i spell my name for them. it’s always bothered me, and it probably always will.

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one more week to go

i hate that it’s monday. i had such a great weekend. saturday was just as relaxing as i thought it would be, and it was so much fun to go see a movie. we haven’t had time to go out lately, so it was nice. the mist was a great movie too. i recommend it. 🙂

yesterday was busy. we headed out to bagelicious after i made a pasta salad for joe’s parents, and after breakfast we went to fresh market, kohls and old navy. i got some great clothes on sale (it seems like everything’s on sale these days!). when we got home, we straightened up and watched the falcons game until joe’s parents arrived. it was fun getting to see them for a little bit, and even more fun seeing how petrified their dog, sophie, was of our cats. she could eat them in one bite, yet she cowered behind joe’s dad. it was hilarious.

after the in-laws left, we went to lowe’s to get a heater for our laundry room (it’s been *so* cold at night and we don’t want our pipes to burst) and a magnetic curtain rod to hang the curtains joe’s mom brought me. then, we went to belk to exchange a shirt for joe, and i made him try on pretty much everything in the men’s department. haha. it was fun though. at least for me!

now, it’s my last week of work before almost two full weeks of vacation. yay! i am counting down the days.