lazy weekend

we had a fabulous weekend, one that makes you really dread when monday morning rolls around. on saturday, we relaxed and napped, and that night we got take out chinese and put up our christmas tree and decorations. we opted for an artificial tree this year because of the drought. it’s been hard for me because i’ve always real trees. it’s a lot smaller than real trees (we call it our charlie brown tree), but it looks pretty good now that it’s been decorated.

christmas tree 5

we even managed to get a picture of all of us by it, even though dizzy is partially blocking aj.

us in front of tree 1

we got new stockings for the cats this year. aren’t these the cutest stockings ever??

decorations 9

decorations 4

yesterday, i had to go to work, and then we met my brother and his “friend” on their way back from florida, where they had gone to visit her parents, and played tennis. when we got home, we hung some pictures and then relaxed and watched a marathon of “meet my folks”. i love that show. hehe. that evolved into “the amazing race” and “desperate housewives” (which was *really* good!), and then we watched “kitchen nightmares” and part of “hell’s kitchen” before i passed out. it was a really nice night.

calling the shots

last night after we decorated our tree, we turned the lights on and admired how pretty it was. aj didn’t want the lights on, so he unplugged them.

then he trotted off.

nice to know who calls the shots around here.