shelter needs

the daughter of one of the secretary’s at joe’s school is collecting supplies for a local no-kill animal shelter for her bat mitzvah project. today, a woman stopped by the school to drop off some donations: dog clothes.

maybe she doesn’t realize an animal shelter doesn’t have the same needs as a children’s shelter.

what’s in a name

i got the go-ahead today from the powers that be to get started on my new radio show. yay. as i mentioned a while ago, it’s going to be a book club show, and every month we’ll read and discuss a book (and hopefully have some author interviews included as well). now, i need to come up with a name for it. this is where you come in. what are your suggestions for a name? and, what books do you think we should look at discussing?

it’s cold enough to kill a hog

today, i received a phone call from a woman wanting to know the current temperature and the predicted temperature for tomorrow morning. it’s a question i get a lot. the current temperature was 43 degrees, and the predicted temp for tomorrow morning is 32 degrees.

“thanks. i need to know that cause i’m gonna go kill a hog.”

we googled hog killing and discovered the temperature needs to be 40 degrees or lower so the meat doesn’t rot. now, i think our morning show host has something to talk about tomorrow morning. that was definitely one of the strangest calls i’ve received.

sad news

joe’s best friend’s wife had a miscarriage. they found out for sure yesterday. i’m really sad for them. they were so excited about their baby.


i love blog contests. jody over at iowageek is having a scrapbribe for valentine’s day. the prize includes a bunch of cool valentine’s-themed scrapbooking items, chocolates and a homemade card. i love entering contests like this. so go over and leave a comment and enter it too. make sure you say that i referred you!

jewish rock

one of the cantors at joe’s school is in a band called “the moody jews“. am i the only one who finds this hilarious? because i do.