you know you need to care more about your appearance when …

… you go to work and your receptionist says, “you look pretty today. are you having your picture taken for something?”

yes, that happened to me, just because i wore makeup. i guess i need to start doing that more often.

happy new year!

it’s now 2008, which means by my birthday in 3 months i will most likely have stopped writing 2007 on things. it always takes me a while to get used to a new year.

new year’s eve was fun. we had four friends over, ordered pizzas and played games. tim brought guitar hero, and i didn’t even want to give that game a chance. joe and i both thought it was dumb. but, after one song each, he and i were hooked. it is a lot of fun, especially when you get better at it and get more than 3 notes right in a row in a song. we liked it so much that yesterday we went looking for it for our xbox, but that’s the one console it wasn’t made for. bummer.

me playing guitar hero 1

after guitar hero, we turned on dick clark’s rockin’ new year’s eve and played phase 10, stopping for only a minute to toast at midnight. by that point, i was so tired i was ready to go to bed, but everyone wanted to finish the game. we were done playing around 1:30 a.m. yes, people, that game took 2 hours. by the end, joe and i were so tired we were both ready to give clayton the cards he needed to win. haha.

yesterday felt like it flew by, probably because i slept until 10. after tim and mindy left, we went to ihop for breakfast, came home for a couple of hours and then headed to joe’s parents’ house for their annual new year’s eve dinner. when we got home, i got a good workout in, even though it was 8:30 p.m. joe and i worked out for about 75 minutes, which was really good.

now i’m off to get ready to go take a tour of the gym i’m thinking about joining and then to a luncheon at work (even though it’s my day off!). blah. happy new year everyone!