weekend recap

after working 12 days straight i needed a relaxing weekend, and boy did i have one. on friday night, we went to joe’s synagogue. it was “friday night live”, and it was really neat. the choir sang, and in addition to the guitar the cantorial soloist usually plays there were drums, a clarinet and a keyboard. it was a lot of fun, and a great way to welcome in the sabbath. thank goodness there are translations for the prayers so i can understand what everyone is singing in hebrew!

we got home around 11 p.m., and i crashed. i woke up around 10 a.m. on saturday and, since i was still pretty tired and we had gone to services the night before, i decided to stay home from church. that turned out to be a good plan because after we had lunch, i was back in bed for a 3 1/2 hour nap.

that night, we met my good friend stacey here in town at the local irish pub. it was a lot of fun. i can’t believe how long it’s been since we’ve hung out. we definitely need to get together more often now!

yesterday, joe made us a yummy breakfast of blueberry pancakes with blueberry syrup, hashbrowns and vegetarian sausage patties, and we relaxed at home for a little bit before heading out to the nail salon where joe treated me to a pedicure! i love pedicures. i think what i love more, though, is the massage chair. i would pay for the pedicure just to sit in that chair. i didn’t want to move even after my toes were done!


after the pedicure and a late lunch at wendy’s, we hit target so i could show joe the black version of the houndstooth shoes i ordered. and, of course, i had to try on more shoes while i was there. and, of course, i had to buy a couple of pairs. but, in my defense, they were on sale!

mary jane pumps
isaac mizrahi for target® mary jane pumps — i saw these in the clearance section last week but couldn’t find my size. yesterday, i found my size in black and they fit perfectly! since they were half off and SO SUPER CUTE i just had to have them. my awesome hubby bought them for me. awww. i seriously cannot wait to wear them to work.

tawny sandals
xhilaration® tawny knotted sandals – white — these shoes are so cute. joe loved them, which is part of the reason i got them. i really wanted to wear them to my parents’ on saturday, since the weather is so nice now, but then i remembered that fashion rule prohibiting white shoes before memorial day. i hate, hate, hate that rule.

now it’s back to work, but i really don’t care. i’m rested and rejuvenated and enjoying the memories of my wonderful weekend.

at least she’s pretty…

kellie pickler was on “are you smarter than a fifth grader” tonight. it was probably one of the funniest things i’ve seen in a while. she had pretty easy questions.

what family does the piccolo belong to?
a. woodwind
b. strings
c. percussion

her answer: well, piccolo and percussion both begin with p, so that’s what i think it is.

answer: woodwind


budapest is the capitol of what country?

her answer: this may sound stupid, but i thought europe was a country. they speak french in budapest, right? so, i’m going to say france.

answer: hungary

i hate to say it, but at least she’s pretty and can sing. 🙂

trying again

yes, people, the new kids on the block are allegedly getting back together. who is as excited about this as i am? i was *obsessed* with them. i had the posters, the cds, the videos, the joey doll (he was and still is my favorite!) and the stage where joey doll rocked it out for my barbies. my dad took me to their concert in d.c. as a reward for getting straight a’s. he suffered through the entire concert surrounded by squealing girls just to find out as we were leaving that there was a “parents room” where all the dads had been watching football.

if they tour again and come to atlanta, i will be there. anyone else who lives nearby is welcome to come with. i invited my dad, but he declined. i guess one concert was enough for him.

shoe shopping

i love shoes. i have so many pairs i’ve had to start putting them in joe’s closet because there’s no more room in mine. however, all my shoes are either brown or black. i don’t have any color to spice my collection up with. yesterday, i went to target with the express purpose to get a pair of colored shoes. unfortunately, i didn’t find anything i liked. but, i did find these, which i bought for $7.48 (originally $29.99). i really did need a good pair of brown heels because i didn’t have a dressy pair, so they were a good purchase.

riley pumps
isaac mizrahi for target® riley leather pumps – brown

after i saw these on the inside my target cart blog (thanks, nanette!!), i had to try them on as well. i usually wear a 9, which they had, but i felt i needed to go up to a 9 1/2, so i ordered them online. they are super cute, and now i want to get them in brown and black too. unfortunately, they don’t have brown in a 9 1/2 online or in my store. 🙁

serena pumps
xhilaration® serena round toe pumps – houndstooth

i know the houndstooth has black in it, but it’s not straight black like all my other shoes, so i think it counts as adding a little variety to the mix.


i’m following michelle’s lead and sharing why i’m glad it’s almost friday.

time off. after today i will have worked 12 days straight (thank you dusting of snow last weekend), and i am *really* looking forward to 5:20 p.m. today (when i get off the air). seriously. i can’t even tell you how ready i am for the weekend.

groceries. yes, i have the same one as michelle, but i really do need to go grocery shopping. we’re not out of food by any means, but i need to pick up some things so we have more variety for meals next week.

indulgence. joe is taking me on sunday to get either a mani or a pedi. i haven’t decided which one yet, but i’m leaning more towards the pedi because i bite my nails. i really need to stop so i can get a mani and have them look pretty!

friends. my friend stacey is coming down this weekend, and we’re going to get to hang out tomorrow night. i’m so excited! i haven’t seen her since before i got married, which was a long time ago. hopefully we can get together more often when she comes down this way!

now it’s your turn. let me know why you’re excited about/ready for the weekend. if you post it on your blog, leave me a comment so i can check it out!

synagogue rock

we’re going to services tomorrow night because it’s the anniversary of joe’s uncle’s death, and we just found out we can wear jeans. it is the synagogue’s rock night. i’m really curious to see how they put the hebrew prayers to rock music. it should be an intersting night!