joe used to run a lot. he loved it. it was a great way to exercise, and he found it relaxing. then, he got tendonitis and pronations, and he hasn’t been able to run for four years. we tried having special pads for his shoes made, but they didn’t work.

last week, joe went to his podiatrist who told him about a shoe store here in town that basically makes prescription shoes. joe went in, told them what shoe the doctor said he needed, and tried it on. he said it fit like a glove. i guess the shoes fit differently than shoes you would buy at regular shoe stores and give your foot more protection. now, he can run again! he ran the entire track at the park last night without his leg hurting at all. it makes me so happy to know that he can do something that he loves again.

man gets $100,000 power bill

this story was used as a teaser during a promo for the 11 p.m. news on one of the atlanta stations last night. a tampa man and his roommate living in a one-bedroom trailer received a $100,000 power bill, after having their power turned back on just two weeks earlier. it just sounds absurd. my house is bigger than that, and i don’t think i’d pay that much in a lifetime! i would flip out if my power bill said i owed $99,999. the power company later said the bill resulted from a computer error.

heath ledger dies

i know it’s not breaking news now, but i’m still shocked about heath ledger’s death yesterday. a medical examiner who performed his autopsy says the results are inconlusive, but authorities think he may have overdosed on pills that were found near him. the associated press is reporting that ledger said his role as the joker in “the dark night” disturbed him and that he got a prescription for sleeping pills to help him fall asleep at night. maybe he was trying to sleep and took too many. i guess we’ll know in 10 days.

moving on

i’m feeling a bit better now. i actually felt bad about being so upset today because, as i told joe, it’s not like we were pregnant and then lost the baby. we just weren’t pregnant at all. but, it was different than just getting a negative hpt because i had missed my period and had all the symptoms, and we were just expecting it. that’s why it was so much harder this time. i tried not to get my hopes up, but i just couldn’t help but get excited.

today i ordered an ov watch. people who used it had really good results, so we’ll see what happens. i can’t use ovulation prediction kits very well because you’re supposed to test at the same time in the afternoon or evening every day. i just can’t do that with my schedule. the watch is worn at night, and it’s supposed to tell you your six most fertile days. a lot of people have said they got pregnant after the first month of using it, so i’m hoping it’ll work for us. i really wanted to have a baby before my brother leaves for kentucky in january, but that’s looking less and less likely. hopefully he’ll be able to come home when and if we have a baby.


i finally got a hold of someone at my doctor’s office. i’m not pregnant. i can’t even talk about it now.

chili recipe

i can’t believe i didn’t even think to post the recipe. it’s super simple. if you make it, let me know what you think!

vegetarian chili
1 package morningstar farms griller crumbles (found in the frozen food section)
2 cans dark red kidney beans
2 cans diced tomatoes
2 packages chili seasoning
chili powder to taste

1. brown the crumbles over medium heat
2. add the kidney beans, tomatoes, seasoning and chili powder. bring to a boil.
3. reduce heat to low and simmer for 15 minutes.