my biggest fan

my biggest fan died last sunday. earl was dating one of the women in our kiwanis club, and she always called me earl’s “other girlfriend”. he listened to me on the radio religiously, and according to jimmie, loved my northern accent. i met him a couple of times, and he was a really great guy.


it snowed a little this morning! when i looked out the window of our guest bedroom/office, i could see small flakes falling. it didn’t last, but it was pretty to watch for a little while.

starbucks closing

starbucks is closing all of its stores tonight from 5:30-9 p.m. for in-house training on the art of making coffee for its remaining staff. starbucks recently closed 100 stores and fired 600 employees. dunkin’ donuts is taking advantage of the three-hour closing to offer signature drinks — lattes, cappuchinos and espressos — for 99 cents each.

site launch contest

i launched the web site for my new business today. for now, it will be a blog platform, but hopefully in the near future i’ll have a “real” site up. but, this serves my purposes for having a place where people can see samples of my work, contact me and place orders.

to celebrate the launch, i’m having a blog contest! i love it when other bloggers do these, and i’ve wanted to host one but could never decide what to give away. until now, that is. i will be giving away a set of five custom, hand-made greeting cards to the lucky winner. you choose the occasion, the colors, etc.

here’s what you need to do to enter: write a blog entry about my contest. this is not for you to advertise for my on your site, but to let other bloggers know about my giveaway! if you want to put my button on your sidebar, though, i will give you five additional entries.

leave me a comment letting me know what you do so i know how many votes to cast for you. pretty simple, huh? the winner will be chosen march 26, which is a month from today and, coincidentally, my birthday. so, what better day to give something away?

weekend wedding

the wedding we attended on saturday was very nice. the bride had her husband-to-be’s twin daughters as their only attendants, which i thought was nice. the girls were really cute, and when shawn and aimee lit the unity candle, they had the girls hold hands with them. it was really sweet. when aimee walked down the aisle she was bawling. she was crying so loud you could hear her over the music, but i thought it was sweet. i cried at my own wedding, and i always think it’s cute when brides do that.

after the wedding, we headed upstairs for the reception. it was a nice, simple reception, which really fits the couple’s personalities.

i thought the wedding cake was really pretty.
wedding cake

you can really see the height difference between the bride and groom. shawn had to crouch for the toast. it was really funny.

wedding 9

wedding 7

i thought aimee’s dress was really pretty. i loved the top and how it was different from the skirt.

wedding 1

sigh. i love weddings.


i spent a few hours yesterday working on cards. i had an order from my mil, and i had to make a few samples to show the state farm agent tonight.

i made these “happy spring” cards for my mil. i showed them to a coworker today, and he thought i had bought them at the store. i think that’s a pretty good compliment!

happy spring card 1

these are the thank you cards i came up with. i wanted something simple and professional, and i think i achieved that. the first two are joe’s favorites.

thank you card 3

thank you card 2

thank you card 1

what do you all think?