i was amazed with the inefficiency at my obgyn’s office this morning. when i made my appointment two weeks ago, i told the receptionist why i was coming in. this morning, my doctor had no idea. he thought i was there for my annual exam. when he came in, i was sitting in a chair because the woman who had taken my blood pressure told me to wait while she checked to see if i needed to be examined since my period started. he asked me why i wasn’t undressed. sigh.

eventually, he and i sat down and talked and, of course, he said it’s probably an ovulation dysfunction. i would have had blood work done today, but since i had protein powder in my water, it didn’t count as fasting. again, that’s probably something they could have warned me about when i made my appointment. so, tomorrow i will go back to have the lab work done. my doctor said it could be something as simple as starting me back on glucophage, which is supposed to regulate ovulation. or, he said i might have to go on bcp for just a little while to straighten everything out and then start clomid.

either way it definitely sounds good, like there’s something that can be done to fix this. that’s a load off my mind.


my period started today. either that or i am bleeding for some unknown reason. it’s a relief, but i’m still going to my obgyn tomorrow to talk about the problems i’ve had since it’s unusual for me to miss a couple of months. i already have the appointment, so i might as well keep it.

since i started today, i was able to start wearing the ov watch.

ov watch

it says “nf” when you’re not fertile and measures the chloride in your skin to list your four fertile days. it’s pretty neat. i can’t wait to see when i actually ovulate.

joe thinks it’s cool too but for different reasons. “it should say what food your craving. it could say ‘ice cream’ or ‘ally mcbeal’ because that’s what girls watch when they’re on their periods. or it could have a frowny face and say ‘cranky’ or ‘bitchy.'”

weekend conversations

me: what can we take my dad that’s fun to “eat” but a clear liquid?
joe: vodka.


my dad does not have appendicitis. so far, they think he has an infected colon and perotinitis, which is inflammation of the peritoneum (the membrane that surrounds the internal organs). my mom originally thought he was going to be able to go home tomorrow, but they’re keeping him until at least tuesday now so they can do a colonoscopy on monday and try to figure out what’s going on. that means he’s now on a clear liquid diet. when i called my mom, i could hear him in the background asking me to sneak him in a cheeseburger. hehe. we just got home from the wedding and i’m not feeling well myself, so i think we’re going to go up tomorrow and see him. i just hope it’s just an infection and they don’t find anything more serious on monday.


my dad’s in the hospital. my mom thinks it might be appendicitis, but they’re running tests on him right now.

what i never thought i’d hear my fil say

“so i was watching tyra banks yesterday afternoon…”

apparently it was boob day. it was all women in the audience, and they all took off their tops. joe and dave said at the same time, “and you didn’t call us?”

that’s when you just shake your head, roll your eyes and walk away.