a comedy of errors

joe and i watched a show of atlanta braves bloopers last night. at least that’s what it seemed like we were watching. the first inning of the braves vs. nationals last night was anything but good. it was a bad throw here and a missed catch there along with many bad pitches by starting pitcher tim hudson.

it was the first time i had wanted to turn off the game during the first inning. hudson and the rest of the team got their acts together from the second inning on, but the damage was done. the only positive moment was that the first home run hit in the nationals’ new stadium was by our chipper jones.

we fought back and tied the score in the ninth 2-2, but the nationals ended up losing when reliever peter moylan gave up a run. one thing we can always count on is that our bullpen will screw things up.

joe and i are headed to turner field today for the braves’ home opener. we’re pumped, and tonight’s game better be good. tom glavine is pitching, the first time he’s been in a braves uniform in a number of years, and they’ll have the home crowd on their side. it’s time to start our winning streak.

living to 150

i have never watched a barbara walters special, simply because i haven’t been around the tv when they’re on, but her topics are always interesting. in show airing tomorrow night at 10 p.m. on abc titled “living to 150”, walters is going to be interviewing dr. david sinclair about his company’s resveratrol formulation. according to revgenetics’ web site, u.s. lab tested resveratrol is becoming known in the medical community for potentially being able to help battle cancer, viral infections, the effects of diabetes and age-related illnesses like alzheimers and arthritis. one of its ingredients is what they call the “good stuff” in red wine, and tests on obese mice resulted in an increased life span without most of the side effects of high calorie diets.

i’m always wary of new products because i like to have reviews from people who have used them before, but this show is one i will either watch or record on my dvr. i’m interested in new ways to combat arthritis and, really, who wouldn’t want to live longer? another subject walters is going to discuss is the apprehension of living longer and questions people may have like “will i be able to drive?” she’s going to be talking to citizens who are at least 100 years old, which will make the advice even better. i don’t know if i would live to 150, but i’d like to live until at least 100. what about you? would you want to live to 150? if not, what age would you like to live to?

and the winner is . . .

connie! connie won the contest celebrating the site launch of my new business’s web site, and has won a five-pack of custom, hand-made greeting cards. congratulations!

i’m thinking of doing a scrapbooking-related giveaway next, so stay tuned!


i’ve decided to unprotect my posts about ttc. i know i feel totally alone in this (even though i know i’m not), and reading blogs written by women in the same situation as me has helped. maybe opening up my posts can help someone else. now the question i have is, should i keep those posts on this blog or start a separate ttc blog? what do you think, since you’re my readers? i guess i worry that it will get boring.

side effects

i started my new medicine today. i rarely get side effects from prescription drugs, and when my doctor told me it would probably make me jittery, i was ok with that. i wish that was how it had affected me. i’m really dizzy, my heart rate is up (which isn’t surprising since it’s an amphetamine) and i feel nauseous. sigh. it’s a good thing my doctor told me to start it over the weekend. if the dizziness doesn’t subside by the time i usually go to work, i don’t know if i’ll be able to keep taking it.

my birthday gift from the cats

look what my three crazy cats gave me for my birthday:

birthday 13

aren’t they sweet?? i think there was an ulterior motive though. they got to enjoy their gift for dinner that night. 🙂