friday conversations

when i called joe this afternoon, he was in the middle of an important discussion.

“i can’t talk to you right now,” he said. “i’m talking to fran about buying stamps.”

as in stamps for scrapbooking and cardmaking. most people i know who are crafty say their husbands won’t even go craft shopping with them. not only does mine go with me, but he talks about it with his coworkers who also scrapbook. he rocks, but he is in for some mocking from my brother, i think. 🙂


remember how i was so upset about during 28 because it’s so much closer to 30?

yeah, well, i just got an email from my great uncle that said in big bold letters “HAPPY 31ST BIRTHDAY, CADY!!!!!”

i just aged three years. is there a polite way to correct him?


my visit to the doctor this morning went well. i explained my weight loss issue, and she immediately asked if i’ve had problems with my period. funny she should mention it since i missed this month too. she said it’s probably a combination of the pcos and the prednisone i’m on. she gave me a prescription for an amphetamine to kick start my metabolism and glucophage, which i’d been on before, for the pcos. it should help me get pregnant, too, so send good vibes my way.

it was nice to hear that i’m not doing anything wrong. she said the calorie range i’m eating in is correct and that i’m doing the right amount of exercise. she also is checking my thyroid and is testing all my hormone levels to confirm the pcos and to make sure i’m ovulating. isn’t it interesting how my pcp can do those tests but my obgyn can’t? i’m glad the glucophage should help in the pregnancy department, but it sucks to have to wait another month until i (hopefully) have my period.

look what just arrived at my office


my birthday in pictures

as i mentioned earlier, i’ve had a fabulous birthday. we were up *very* early to head to breakfast as wes-man’s, which is in a little town called white just east of cartersville. we love this place, even though we don’t go too often. last year, joe had a “happy birthday” message to me painted on the 1940s truck that the restaurant’s owner paints each day with messages.

today, we pulled up to find my name on the truck again. this time, though, only my name was on it. yay.

birthday 1

while we were waiting for our food, joe gave me my present. he’d been telling me he got me the best present ever, and it totally lived up to the hype. he made a collage of pictures of me and us together around the lyrics to the song “just like heaven” by the cure, which is our “other” song. i made him one for our one-year anniversary with the words to our song, and now we both have one.

birthday 5

on monday night at our kiwanis meeting, we celebrated my birthday by me being forced to wear a pair of antlers while everyone sang (or, in our case, hummed) the birthday song.

birthday 12

tonight, we’re going to provino’s for dinner, which is one of my favorite restaurants. i can’t wait!

happy birthday to me

wow, i’m 28 and now in my late (shudder) 20s. it’s been great so far, though. i got an email from my big sister last night, and two e-cards were waiting for me when i woke up this morning. we headed out just before 6 a.m. to have breakfast at wes-man’s, a local restaurant we went to last year when joe had my name painted on the truck. when we arrived, my name was on the truck again, only this time i was the only one on it!

now, i’m off to get ready because i have a manicure appointment at 10 a.m. i figure what better day to pamper myself than my birthday! i’ll post pictures later after joe downloads them at work (more on that *long* story later).