easter candy and birthday cake

last weekend was the start of two weeks worth of birthday celebrations. coordinating schedules has made us stretch it out, but that’s fine with me!

on friday night, i was up late decorating the mini easter egg cakes i had made to take to my parents’ house for dessert on saturday. they didn’t turn out exactly how i wanted, but i thought they looked fine for my first try.

easter egg cakes 1

decorating easter egg cakes 4

easter egg cakes 3

around midnight on saturday night/sunday morning, joe and i exchanged easter/spring baskets. we were up and, since joe had his fantasy baseball draft at 9 a.m., we decided to go ahead and exchange baskets so we weren’t rushed in the morning. i got a necklace and candy in mine, and i picked out a movie, candy and baseball cards for joe’s. at least i thought i had picked out baseball cards. one pack happened to be a pack of wrestling cards, and joe really enjoyed looking at the card of “maria”.

joe opening his spring box

me and joe after opening easter goodies

on sunday morning, joe made cinnamon rolls for breakfast before his draft started. i haven’t had cinnamon rolls in a while, and they were delicious. while he picked the players for his team, i worked out and relaxed, which was nice.

easter breakfast

after joe’s draft, we headed to douglasville to celebrate my birthday with joe’s family. we were immediately put to work as joe’s parents are moving and we needed to clean out joe’s room. after filling our lungs with dust, my fil fired up the grill and made hamburgers and black bean burgers for lunch. and, of course, there was birthday cake (caramel) as well as other desserts (cookies and chocolate pie). oh, and there were presents. we had a great time.

blowing out the candles

opening presents

i hate getting older, but i do love celebrating my birthday. i can’t wait to see what the rest of the celebrations have in store.

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the exterminator was supposed to be here at 8:30 a.m. to check the squirrel traps (yes, we had squirrels in our attic. it was not fun. now we have all their holes fixed and they should be gone). he’s still not here. being an hour and a half late without calling is ridiculous and really annoys me because MY WHOLE DAY is revolved around when he will get here.

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tonight’s episode was awesome. each episode just gets better and better. i don’t know how we’ll make it another month! btw, did any of you know aaron was one of the oceanic 6? i kept telling joe and my parents that he was, but no one believed me.