the settlement

my lawyer and the insurance company for the guy who hit me back in november have finally reached a settlement. it’s slightly lower than what i wanted, but i’m still going to get quite a bit in my pocket, and that’s really all that matters. my lawyer said the insurance company wouldn’t go any higher without going to court, and she said that juries here in my county typically don’t award anything over the amount of medical bills. besides, i really didn’t want to sue and go to court anyway. it would have taken a lot of my time, not to mention the fact that i would have had to pay my lawyer even more. i’m just glad it’s all going to be over now.

the perfect ems card

i’ve been busy making cards for several people lately. joe’s sister asked me to do a thank you card for her emt class. i thought hard and brainstormed with joe, and we came up with the perfect card that characterizes the work that emts and paramedics do. what do you think?

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off for vacation

well, we’re off for savannah. i’m really excited about this weekend. this trip will be really good for us, especially after yesterday. we need to get away from everything and just relax for a while without worrying about anything. life will resume on monday morning. 🙂

fitness competitions

we decided not to go to savannah again next month. with the rising gas prices, we just don’t feel like driving back down. plus, joe will only have been at his new job for a couple of weeks, so the most he would be able to take off would be half a day on friday. it would just be a very rushed trip.

instead, joe is doing a half marathon that weekend in chattanooga. it actually works out really well because my sister and her family will be in town (another reason i didn’t want to go to savannah) and, since my family lives just outside chattanooga, they can all come to the race. i think right now my parents are planning on making a picnic lunch for us all to enjoy afterward. i’m really excited. plus, it’ll be good practice for joe, who wants to run a full marathon at chickamauga battlefield (just north of us) in november. more power to him. i sure couldn’t do it.

pill popper

pill popper

i think someone needs to go to rehab. 🙂 and he’s still so fat despite us limiting the amount of food he eats. sigh. but at least you only see it when he lays like that. 🙂


i think i will be posting more on the private side now. i have one up now, and when i do put up a private post i will try to put a public post up as well so it will be in your google readers/bloglines. remember to check the “remember me” box when you log in so you’ll always be logged in when you visit.