shopping trip

tonight after work, joe met me at target where i had my arms loaded with bathing suits. i haven’t gotten a new bathing suit in a while, and since i’m feeling better about my body now, i thought i’d get one before our trip (you know, since there’s a beach and savannah is *hot*).

i got a super cute tankini set. i have to say, this kind of pattern is very daring for me. my last bathing suit was a tankini as well, but it was solid black. i tend to be drawn toward black because it is supposed to be slimming. but, this suit actually doesn’t look half bad on me. 🙂

bathing suit

i also got a pair of cargo walking shorts (in khaki). i didn’t realize until after i tried them on that they were juniors, and i fit into a smaller size, which definitely made me feel good.


i’m so excited for our trip. i love road trips, and it’ll be so much fun to get away.

outlet malls

i *love* outlet malls. there is one just 15 minutes north of us in calhoun that i love to visit, and i know that when we’re in savannah this weekend we’ll be hitting up the outlet mall there. i had heard that outlet malls don’t sell merchandise at lower than retail prices but instead sell merchandise different than the regular stores. that, however, has not deterred me from spending money there.

there is another outlet mall in dawsonville that i want to visit (want to go, stacey??), and i know there’s one in pigeon forge, where i used to go every year in high school. thinking about those made me wonder how many places i’ve visited that have outlet malls i didn’t know about. then, i found one of the best web sites ever,, which is a guide to factory outlet malls throughout the country. how awesome is that? each outlet mall seems to have different stores, and i’m so excited now to see how many i can go to when we go on trips. what can i say, i’m a shopaholic!
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death by alcohol

i wrote one of the most absurd stories i ever have worked on today. we received a news release on the results of the toxicology test performed on a man who was found dead behind the hooter’s restaurant in our town last month. this man’s blood alcohol level was too high to be measured. the calibration goes up to 0.40. it can’t measure anything above that. so, of course, the talk this afternoon at the office revolved around just how much alcohol you would have to drink to register that high and kill yourself. now, we haven’t received the autopsy results yet so we don’t know the exact cause of death, but i would say this is probably on the list.

diet supplements

have any of you ever tried diet supplements? i have only tried a supplement once. when i was in college, i tried metabolife because the resident assistant on my floor in the girl’s dorm swore that it raised her metabolism and helped her lose weight without exercise. well, that was definitely my idea of a great product. so, i bought a bottle from the store, but i only took it for a few days. i forget why i stopped, but i think it might have been from negative talk about diet supplements.

since then i’ve shied away from supplements. sure, new products like alli and b12 injections are tempting but i’ve heard bad things about that product (such as unpleasant side effects), so i haven’t tried it. i’ve heard warnings about effects like elevated heart rates from diet supplements, but i’m sure many of them do work. technically, the medicine i’m on right now is a diet supplement, as it causes a decrease in appetite. but, i’m more comfortable with it because it was prescribed by a doctor, and i will only be taking a certain amount.

i don’t know if i would use a diet supplement in the future. i’m worried about dependency. already, i’m nervous about how my body will react once i stop the phentermine i’m taking. i’m worried that my appetite will come back and i will gain the weight i’m losing back. that makes me want to keep taking the pills. so what are your thoughts? have you ever taken a diet supplement? if you have, would you take one again? if you haven’t, would you consider taking one to aid weight loss?
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an easy decision

after a second call regarding our hotel, we were told that we cannot change our reservation to may. apparently, the first person joe spoke with us told him the wrong information. so, since we either go this weekend or lose our money, we’re going for a fun weekend in savannah. hopefully we’ll still get to go for joe’s competition next month. we’ll just have to see how the work situation goes.


joe’s strength and endurance challenge in savannah this weekend has been postponed until the end of may. i love how they let everyone know two days before we head down there, not taking into consideration the fact that we’ve taken time off work and booked hotel rooms. joe may not be able to do it now because he’s starting his new job on may 5, and it’s hard to take time off when you are just starting. besides, it will be twice the cost for us.

so now, the decision is to either go this weekend as planned and have just a fun, romantic weekend or postpone it and go in may and have less time there since joe won’t really be able to take time off from work. i don’t know what to do.

sigh. if i’m this bummed i can’t even imagine how upset he is.