one proud wifey

the standings for the half marathon joe did came out today. he came in 85th out of 132. i think that’s pretty darn good. i know he’s a little disappointed, but considering he hasn’t run in five years and this was the longest race he’s ever done, i think his time was great. plus, he trained in four weeks instead of the recommended eight weeks.

so i’m pretty proud. and i know he’ll do even better in the full marathon he’s running in november. he has much more time to train for it, and i know he’ll get a great time.

speaking of the half marathon, pictures also have been posted. there were none of joe. there was, however, a picture of some fabulous joe supporters! how hilarious is that? and yes, i know i look like a geek. the photographer had his camera pointed at rachel, so i didn’t think i was even in the shot.

friday favorites

  • the wii. i’m still addicted to mario kart and guitar hero III. joe has added mario galaxy to his stack of favorite games. we’re going to have a blast at the cabin with the wii this weekend.
  • my new red shoes! they are the first pair of shoes that are not white, black or brown. i *love*them, and it’s nice to get some color in my usual black/gray outfits. plus, they’re super cute and really comfy. i want to get them in brown now too. i need another good pair of brown pumps.
  • army wives. i *love* this show, and i’m rewatching the first season in anticipation of season 2, which starts a week from sunday. i can’t wait!
  • satc: the movie. it comes out tonight! we’re going sunday since we’ll be at the cabin this weekend, and i am so excited! i have been counting down to this since the movie was announced.
  • having lunch with my husband. i love the fact that he works in town now. there’s nothing better than seeing him for lunch or just a quick visit during the day.
  • so what are your favorite things today?

    my new favorite store

    on wednesday, joe and i headed to kennesaw to meet a friend and his fiancee for dinner. we got there early, so joe wanted to stop by barnes and noble to pick up a book on marathons. when we got there, i saw that archivers was in the same strip mall. i had heard fabulous things about archivers, but i had never had the chance to go.

    so, joe dropped me off. and, i have to say, that store is amazing. everything is laid out so well. it’s much easier to navigate than hobby lobby or joann. and, they had fabulous products. plus, there’s a large area in the back where you can crop for free, and there are a bunch of classes and workshops. i’m already making plans to go with rachel (sil) and michelle (friend’s fiancee). we all need to catch up on our cropping, so why not?

    a lazy day at home

    i have the day off today, and i’m still trying to decide what i’m going to do. i’ve got some cleaning i want to get done, and i need to pack for our trip to blue ridge tonight, but other than that i think i’m going to do some scrapping. i haven’t scrapped in forever. i am literally a year behind. i just haven’t had time, and i’ve been so tired lately that i just collapse after work. so today i think i’m going to pop in a dvd and get to work. i’ve had a hard time coming up with new ideas, so hopefully i’ll get some inspiration from some of my magazines and churn out a bunch of layouts before we leave.

    getting lost

    wow. what a finale. i’m left with so many questions. i can’t wait until next season. before i started watching lost, i thought it was a dumb show, and i told joe there was no way i could watch it. now i’m hooked. did any of you watch it this season? what did you think?

    three months and counting

    we had a pretty good appointment with our rs today. he us today that i don’t have pcos. yay. that’s good. it’s also bad because he doesn’t know why my cycles are irregular. he said it could be from one of the medicines i’m on, but there’s really no way to be sure. i’d just like to have a reason.

    he’s putting me on clomid pending my meeting with a maternal fetal medicine specialist who will be able to tell me if the medicines i’m taking for my arthritis will interact with the clomid. so, theoretically, next month i will start the clomid to regulate my cycles and then take ovidrol, which will make me ovulate. that takes the guesswork out of figuring out when ovulation occurs because you ovulate 36 hours after the injection. i have to go to a class next week on how to inject myself which i think is a waste of time. here’s how that conversation went:

    doctor: you need to go to our class to learn how to inject yourself.
    me: what if i already know how to do that? i give myself shots every week for my arthritis.
    doctor: have you used the ones you needed to mix or the prefilled syringes?
    me: both.
    doctor: what about the stick pens?
    me: used those too.
    joe: she could teach the class. she’s such a junkie.
    doctor: yeah, well, i guess so.

    still couldn’t get out of it. oh well. our doctor also had to warn us about the risk of multiples with fertility drugs. he had the bright idea to say, “you could come in for your 12 day ultrasound and have five follicles.”

    that freaked joe out. that could mean five babies. that would be a lot at one time. but, i did some reading up on clomid and really, the likelihood of multiples is pretty low. there’s a 10-12 percent chance of twins and less than a 1 percent chance of three or more babies. personally, i would love to have twins. i come from a family of twins. my grandpa’s a twin, my mom’s a twin and my brothers are twins. i’ve always wanted twins. we had a long talk about everything this afternoon, and now that the initial scare has worn off we’re ok with the risk now. i think joe would rather have one at a time, but he says as long as they’re healthy then however many we have is fine.

    we were also told we could bypass everything else and go directly to ivf, which our doctor said a lot of people choose to do since most have been trying for more than a year. there’s a much higher success rate (60-70 percent compared to 20 percent with clomid), but we don’t want to jump that far ahead right now. it’s a *lot* more expensive, and we’d really like to get pregnant the natural way if possible. our doctor said we should be pregnant within three months. otherwise, the chances of the clomid working decrease and we’ll have to go another route. just thinking that i could be pregnant in the next three months is scary. it’s exciting, but just such a scary thought!