when joe arrived to pick me up for lunch today he brought a surprise for me.

flowers 2

aww. my husband’s the best. and, i have to say, i’m really enjoying having him work here in town. it’s so nice to be able to meet up for lunch and see each other during the day.

baskets, baskets everywhere

basket carnival

i love baskets. i collect them all the time. however, most of mine are more decorative than useful. it’s time for me to start stocking up on baskets i can use for organizing. i have a few that i use in my bathroom closet to organize my shower gels and other bath items. it works well, but after seeing pictures from the others who participated in org junkie’s basket carnival, i feel like my baskets are not up to par. i definitely got some inspiration, and now i’m motivated to really start organizing my house better.

bathroom baskets

i love having baskets in my bathroom closet. it definitely keeps things much neater than they would be. i do think i need a third basket for the back right corner to organize my cleaning supplies in. i just need to find one that’s the right size.

ready to move forward

we go back to our reproductive specialist on thursday. i cannot wait. i’ve been looking forward to this appointment for the last four weeks. now that we know there’s nothing wrong with joe and that there’s nothing wrong with me besides the pcos, i’m ready to get started on clomid and make a baby! i have been thinking about this nonstop. it’s so exciting to think that i could be pregnant in a couple of months.

speaking of doctor’s visits, i saw my pcp today. she said i’ve had good weight loss. i’m at 10 pounds in 7 weeks. not too bad. she gave me another month prescription of the phentermine, but i may not take it. my rs doesn’t want me to take it when i’m trying to get pregnant, and she says that she’s not worried about me gaining the weight back since the phentermine is supposed to speed up my metabolism. that was good to hear. oh, thursday cannot come soon enough.

running the good race

sweat trickled down my face from more than two hours sitting in the blazing sun. i stood in the middle of the road, my camera ready to go, and stared intently at the trees ahead of me.

then i saw him. joe ran out, his white t-shirt slung over his shoulder and his baseball hat on backward, pumping his arm up in the air as he ran across the yellow finish line.


half marathon 24

as joe’s sister waved her “team joe” sign, he staggered toward the aid tent, grabbing water and a banana. the fact that he had just run 13 miles still hadn’t sunk in.

half marathon 23

later, he described the race in great detail, telling me about the tree roots and rocks he had to jump over, the hills he was able to run when he thought he couldn’t go any further. the trail run was the hardest thing he’s ever done, but it’s also the one thing he’s probably the most proud of.

half marathon 22

i’m pretty proud of him too. not only did he finish a half marathon, but he ran the entire way. he said many walked during it, and i saw one person walk across the finish line.

half marathon 17

now, it’s on to preparing for the full marathon in november. he’ll do great.

in the press

check out this article on our new museum, especially paragraph 4. 🙂

menu plan monday


since i’m on this new kick to try to plan my meals better and try to find new recipes (let’s see how long this lasts!), i’m participating in menu plan monday. i’ve been reading organizing junkie’s blog for a while now, and i love seeing the different menus posted each week. there are even several vegetarian ones!

monday: leftovers/snacky foods (late lunch and no one’s very hungry!)

tuesday: baked chicken/vegetarian buffalo wings, wild rice, mixed veggies

wednesday: dinner out at highland grill with jon and michelle

thursday: hamburgers, baked beans, chips

friday: dinner on the way to the cabin

saturday: at joe’s parents’ cabin

sunday: pizza

now it’s your turn! what are your meal plans for the week?