new cooking web site

i love to cook, but i rarely have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. most weeks i work late two to three days a week, and by the time i get home it’s usually after 8 or 9 p.m. and i’m exhausted. the last thing i want to do is cook. so, we’ve gotten into a dinner rut. we have some quick, easy meals that we make up on the nights i work late.

i feel like a bad wife. i read other women’s blogs and wish i could cook like they do and make all my meals from fresh ingredients. but, i know that it’s hard since i work full time, so i’ve come to accept that. i really need to start coming up with some new meal ideas, though, and planning my weekly meals better.

i love sites like where i can browse hundreds of recipes that are low-calorie and low-fat and find meals that joe and i will both like. i also recently found, where you can look through recipes and add your own to make digital recipe cards. it’s also a social networking site, which is cool because i love to meet new people. it also offers cookbook printing so users can purchase copies of cookbooks. and, maybe it will make it easier so i won’t lose and forget recipes, like the one for the mocha torte i made for hannukah. sigh. i guess that’s what i get for not putting it in my recipe file. maybe it will be easier to keep and maintain a digital recipe file.

i know a lot of you guys are foodies, so check out this site, and if you join, connect with me so we can be friends! maybe i’ll start blogging about cooking more, especially since this site has a widget that enables you to post these cool recipe cards on your blog.

healthy nachos

nachos with a healthy twist.

See healthy nachos on Key Ingredient.

isn’t that widget too cool? you can click the tabs to see the description, recipe and information about the user. i love sharing recipes with you all, and i love when you all share recipes too. i’ll just need to start taking pictures of what i make more often!

are you thinking what i’m thinking?

last night, my parents went out to dinner at a new, fancy restaurant near their house. they ordered the same entree and vegetable. when it was time for dessert, my dad said to the waitress, “this is embarrassing, but we both want the strawberry shortcake.”

this morning, they discovered they had bought each other the same card.

i guess that’s what 33 years of marriage does to you. here’s hoping they order the same meals and buy the same cards for many more years. happy anniversary!


computer crashes

i just spent about an hour editing an interview with a state senator that is supposed to run as a program tomorrow.

something happened, my file got corrupted and everything i lost everything i did. now, i have to rerecord the 30-minute interview and then start editing again.

sigh. not exactly what i want to do. at least it’s not running tomorrow now.


my brother got the unofficial offer from taiwan today, and the official offer is coming next week. they’ve already decided to go. in fact, my sil is so excited that she took harry to get their passport pictures taken today. ryan’s not as excited right now, but i know that has to do with the fact that he waited about a month to find out about the job and that he’s realizing he’s going to miss his family. but, even though i’m sad about them leaving at the end of july, i know this is really going to be good for them. it’s just hard to think about right now.

quotes of the week

as heard on the “jerry springer show”. where else would you hear things like this.

a woman came on the show to tell her sister and her boyfriend that she is a prostitute.

woman: “my sister badmouths me all the time to my family. she thinks she’s all that because she works at walmart. she has a big house. i don’t.”

jerry: “how big of a house could it be? she works at walmart.”


woman: “i’m addicted to drugs. they’re my scapegoat.”


woman: “i love my drugs, and i love my kids.”

jerry: “you have to choose.”

woman: “ok, both.”


i can’t wait to get home and play the wii. and catch up on all my dvr’d tv shows. and just relax in general. 🙂