hangin’ tough, 2008 edition

I AM GOING TO THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you can’t tell, i am *psyched*. my sil bought our tickets tonight, and on october 29, i will be singing along with other women in their late 20s in the sold out gwinnett arena. my dad took me to the new kids concert when i was in elementary school as a reward for getting straight a’s, and i told him he should come as a nostalgic kind of thing, but he declined. apparently, one night of hangin’ tough was enough for him for a lifetime. then, i said that he and my fil should buy our tickets in return for us not making them go. he declined that offer as well.

rachel’s never been to a new kids concert (she was deprived as a child), so i am super excited for her. i don’t know how either of us will be able to wait until october! but, i do know that there will be a lot of singing of new kids songs between now and then.

coloring our world

while we were waiting out a summer storm at home depot today, joe and i picked out the colors we plan on painting the rooms in our house. i knew what colors i wanted to use, and even though behr had so many to choose from, i think we’ve found the perfect shades.


living room:
living room-green



behr has fabulous color combination books that show how different shades will look in a room, and those really helped us with our decision. we’re going to start painting the bedroom either wednesday or thursday, and i can’t wait. our house will look so much better once it’s not all one neutral color.

run down

it has been a long, exhausting week. right now, i have a headache, and i’m fighting to stay awake. i can’t wait until 5 p.m.

here are some pictures and a short video clip from the debate on tuesday. it was great fun, and the candidates said we had them sweating. that’s funny because i didn’t even get to ask my toughest questions.

debate 3 crop

debate 1 crop

to add to the suckiness of this week, i’m not very pleased with my first week off the phentermine. i’m down 0.4 pounds from last week, but last week was during my tom, so i’m not really sure where i would have ended up otherwise. i’m trying not to get too bummed, but it’s hard. i’m going to wait and see what happens when i start my workout back up on monday. i want to exercise, but i’m scared since the last time i exercised regularly for more than six months my weight stayed the same. i’m going to reevaluate once we find out what happens with ttc this cycle.

the frustrations continue

i’m really beginning to lose faith in emory as a good place for fertility treatment. remember the ridiculous injection training i had to attend last week? i didn’t think anything could be more of a waste of time than that. boy was i wrong.

today’s maternal fetal medicine counseling session couldn’t even be called a session. i was early for my appointment and still had to wait for 45 minutes before being seen by the doctor. and i use the term doctor very loosely here.

she finally came in the room, and this is the exchange we had:

doctor: what medicines are you on?
me: enbrel and etodolac.
doctor: does your rheumatologist know you’re taking those?
me: uh….she *prescribed* them.
doctor: how are you feeling?
me: fine.
doctor: oh, so you’re cured?
me: um….no. all arthritis patients have pain, but for the most part it’s tolerable.
doctor: when are you going back to the reproductive center?
me: when i get pregnant.
doctor: you don’t have to go every week?
me: uhh…no?
doctor: have you had any surgeries?
me: carpal tunnel and a laparoscopy.
doctor: oh, was the laparoscopy for arthritis pain?

i totally wanted to say “yes, i had arthritis in my uterus”, but i was good and i didn’t. i really am questioning her medical credentials. and, if you hadn’t noticed, that was all information she could have gotten from my doctor’s office upstairs or taken over the phone. none of that required me to drive 40 minutes each way. besides, she should have known my situation, especially since my doctor said the appointment was to discuss how clomid could interact with the other medicines i’m on. she knew absolutely nothing about my plan.

so, i’m a little annoyed. besides that lovely appointment, joe called when i was on my way to find out what floor the mfm office was on, and he was told i had to register with admissions. for a counseling session? joe told them it would have been nice if they had told me that *before* i was on my way. and i got a hospital bracelet. and was told i was having an ultrasound.

i think the departments at emory need to start working together.

finding friends

ever since i moved to cartersville, i’ve really missed my friends. they all live in chattanooga, and when i lived in dalton it was a lot easier to see them. it was a pretty short drive, so none of us really minded the drive.

now, though, i rarely get to see them. it’s between an hour and an hour and a half drive each way, so really the best we can do is meet halfway in dalton. i really want to make some new friends here, but i just don’t know how. i work a lot of nights, and i really don’t know where we could go to meet some new people. it would be really nice to have some couple friends that we could hang out with. i even tried to find friends online on the couple spot, but couldn’t find any couples in our immediate area. i’m definitely going to keep checking back to that site, though. it’s really neat because you not only search by the area where you live, but you can also search by hobbies to find couples who enjoy doing the same things you do. that is so important when you are finding friends to hang out with. if you don’t enjoy the same things, the friendship will never work.

i think it’s important to have a good group of friends, both individually and as a couple. how did you and/or your hubby meet your friends?

the great debate

tonight will be a first for me. i am on a panel questioning candidates on the july primary ballot. there are four contested races in the primary election, and while the reporters from the two local newspapers (one daily, one weekly) will be on the panel for all four debates, i’m splitting them with a coworker. i’m perfectly fine with that because i would be here all night if i had to pull sound for all four stories and write them. it’ll take me long enough with my two debates! mine are the last and are the most popular: district attorney and state house of representatives district 15.

it should be really interesting. one of the other reporters and i have some tough questions for them, so i’m interested to see how it goes. i have a feeling one will not be speaking to me and the other will not be speaking to her by the time it’s all over. the other reporter got all the softball questions, so she’s off the hook!

we are, of course, broadcasting it online tonight here. my first debate is scheduled to start around 7:20 p.m., so tune in if you get a chance! i’ll be the one sounding very, very nervous.