mood: annoyed

i have to leave in an hour to head to atlanta for my injection training class. i’m still so pissed that i have to waste the time and gas to drive to emory. it would be one thing if i had never given myself a shot before, but i’ve been doing it every week for the last 3-4 years or so (time flies when you’re having fun!). bum-mer.


i found out today that my insurance company doesn’t cover clomid or ovidrel. in the grand scheme of things, they’re not *too* expensive, but combined they cost about as much as enbrel does each month. i just don’t understand why insurance companies don’t cover fertility medicines or treatments. is everyone anti-procreation?


i’m helping my mom, and ori’s sister and mom plan ori and ryan’s going away party. i said i would send invitations since i’m an hour away from everyone and it’s really the easiest thing for me to do. what was i told to do? message their friends on myspace. boy, have times changed. so i did. ori’s best friend told her she had received my message. that’s it. did she bother to send me her email address? no. i already don’t like her.

i really hope my mood changes because right now, even *i* wouldn’t want to be around myself!

it’s the story of a man named brady . . .

i am a *huge* “brady bunch” fan. i watched constantly watched reruns when i was younger, and before my sister got married we had a tradition of watching “a very brady christmas” every year when she and my now brother-in-law would visit us in maryland for the holidays.

so when i heard that the man who hosts the saturday morning show at the station was going to interview barry williams, i was beyond excited. in fact, i screamed. that scared joe and kevin who thought something had happened to me.

i always thought greg brady was cute (come on, tell me i wasn’t the only one!), and he’s just as cute now as he was then. i haven’t had a chance to listen to the interview, but alan said it went really well. i didn’t know it at the time, but barry williams was actually here in cartersville signing autographs. i told my fil he is special because i chose to go see him for father’s day over meeting barry williams. 🙂

one question alan asked during the interview was regarding how williams feels being linked to greg brady. he said that he’s fine with people remembering him as the brady’s oldest son. he said that he knows that’s how he really got started and got his foot in the door acting. however, i know many actors and actresses don’t feel that way. he told alan he doesn’t keep in touch with eve plumb, who played jan, because she *hates* being known just for “the brady bunch”. she feels there’s more to her than that. i really don’t think that’s the right attitude to have. sure, if you are an actor or an actress you’re going to be recognized and known for your major role. for her, that was jan brady. as i told joe tonight, if i was in a tv show more than 30 years ago and i was still being recognized as that character, i’d be flattered. i’m sure there aren’t a lot of actors who are recognized that long after.

going back to “the brady bunch” . . . when i was in elementary school, “the brady bunch musical” came to the kennedy center in washington, d.c. i really wanted to go, so my grandma bought tickets for me, my cousin emily and her. we arrived, and the usher taking the tickets asked my grandma if she really wanted to take me in to the show. as my dad says now, that should have been a warning sign. but, she didn’t think anything about it and said, “of course. it’s “the brady bunch’.”

we went in, found our seats and the show started. but, it wasn’t “the brady bunch” i had known. instead of a loving, musical family it was an incestuous family in which the siblings were having sexual relationships with each other, etc. needless to say, we left soon after it started.

i was more than happy to go back home and watch my favorite family on tv.

degree: it’s not just a deodorant anymore

today, joe was talking with some coworkers about friends they have who work in fields that have nothing to do with what they studied in school. joe’s sister has a degree in russian and slovic languages, and now she works as a paramedic.

one girl said: “i have a friend who has a degree in political science, but he’s not going to be a politician.”


it’s the superstition’s fault

remember when i forgot several things when i was packing for our trip last weekend? i thought i hadn’t done too badly with forgetting just the camera, batteries and my enbrel.

after work, joe swung by to pick me up, and we were on our way. that is, until i remembered that i had forgotten the father’s day cards in my car. we turned around and went back, and i grabbed the bag of cars and hopped back out. then, i remembered the *other* thing i had forgotten.

our suitcase.

how mad do you think joe would have been if we had gotten all the way to blue ridge before i remembered that i had forgotten our clothes? probably pretty mad.

i blame it all on friday the 13th.

the cost of fashion

t-shirt: $10
flipflops: $15
jeans cut into capris: $30
plane ticket home: $450
being secure enough as a man to wear capris: priceless

randy in capris 3

randy in capris 1

*in my brother’s defense, he wanted to go swimming and said he found these in his old closet. we did, however, have a great time teasing him mercilessly about them.

on the road again

we spent the last three days in the car. i don’t want to visit either of our families again in the near future. 🙂

even though the weekend was tiring, it was also a lot of fun. we left after work on friday and headed up to the cabin. we stopped at chilis for dinner and took our time getting up there, and we still arrived an hour or so before everyone else.

we were there to surprise joe’s dad, so when rachel called and said that she and dave had seen her dad leaving starbucks as they drove by, we knew time would be tight. rachel and dave showed up, and we had just a few minutes to hide on the staircase leading to the basement before the parents arrived.

joe’s mom came in talking loudly and then opened up the basement door and said, “hi, we’re here.”

when joe’s dad came in, we heard her tell him she’d turn on the air if he would turn on the water. then, we saw their dog sophie’s nose pop under the door. we didn’t even think about the fact that she might smell us. she sniffed around the door for quite awhile, and joe’s dad said, “i think someone’s down there.”

joe’s mom hurridly told him no one was there and that sophie was probably smelling their friends’ dogs on some boxes they had dropped off. joe’s dad didn’t buy that. “she’s not anywhere near the boxes,” he said.

then, sophie darted upstairs. her behavior was so unusual that joe’s dad was convinced someone was in the cabin. he said, “i’m going to get the shotgun.”

at that point, dave said, “shotgun? i’m out of here.” and ran down the stairs and around the corner. we could hear joe’s mom upstairs saying, “oh no, you don’t need the shotgun!” haha.

eventually, joe’s dad opened the door and we all shouted, “surprise!”

later, joe’s dad said the better surprise would have been to let him know we were all coming, and then he would have said, “i’m going to go get the shotgun,” gotten it from upstairs and gone barrelling downstairs cocking it. he said joe’s mom would have flipped out. haha.

despite causing dad #2 to almost have a heart attack, it was a great day up there. we relaxed the whole time, and joe and dave got in some serious wii time.

then, it was time to head to my parents’ house. we got there a couple of hours before my sister and her family arrived, and after hanging out for a while we all headed to ryan and oriona’s for dinner and socializing. the kids totally showed everyone up on guitar hero while joe and i ruled at mario kart.

joe, jim, randy and ryan went running sunday morning. it was a 4-mile run, but they were all at different levels. ryan has never really run long distances before, and randy hasn’t done so since high school. when lisa and i left to go to the store, we passed joe and jim, and a little ways behind them, ryan and randy were walking up the hill.

later, we all went to brunch at cracker barrel with my grandparents, and then we headed home to have some family pictures taken. it was a really special father’s day for my dad because all of his children and grandchildren were there. it was the first time my sister had been here for father’s day. my mom had booked a photographer and, while she took some good pictures, she lacked creativity. she took numerous pictures of the same pose of each group (everyone standing next to each other), and that was that.

family picture 1

for the family picture, the photographer wanted us grouped as families, and when she had lisa’s family on one side, and ryan’s family and me and joe on the other, she said, “where do you belong?” to randy.

poor randy hung is head and said, “i don’t belong anywhere.”

then, we had pictures taken of the individual families, and my parents had pictures of randy taken by himself. lisa and i kept saying, “ohhh…poor randy!” but he just lived it up. the pictures were hilarious.

family pictures-van dolson kids 1

we are one good looking family if i do say so myself. 🙂 the picture of me and joe turned out *really* well. it has “holiday card picture” written all over it! i’m thinking about getting one of the closeups printed on a canvas to hang in our living room.

family pictures-me and joe

then, it was time to head home. it was such a great weekend, but man, am i tired of driving.