pick that dress!

this friday night is the georgia association of broadcasters’ awards banquet. our station is winning something (we don’t know what or how many) and since it’s being held close to home, we’re all going. it’s a pretty fancy event, and i really want to make a good impression, so i need help deciding which dress to wear. i woud love to wear one of my black cocktail dresses, but i feel reall self conscious about my stomach in them. it’s the stupid side views that bum me out. haha. and please, pardon my glasses and my messy hair. i was in my pj’s headed to bed when i decided to do this.

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all greased up with no where to go

one of my coworkers just returned from a local restaurant where he was talking to the police about a man who jumped into a grease trap.

yes. you read that correctly. he jumped in a grease trap. earlier this morning, he was involved in a car wreck and fled the scene. he ran to the krystal restaurant a few blocks away, changed clothes and then climbed onto the roof, falling through the roof into the kitchen.


then, he ran across the street to one of the local mexican restaurants and jumped into the grease trap. i’m assuming he thought it was just a hole. i really hope so. he was stuck in the grease trap for more than an hour. i think i’d rather go to jail then jump in a grease trap.

how much do you think i wish i had been here to cover this story??

wii and wine

i always enjoy weekends at joe’s parents’ cabin in blue ridge. it’s so peaceful and relaxing there, and i can’t help but forget everything else going on in my life. i love weekends like that.

but, besides relaxation, there is always something fun going on. this weekend we had some wii playing. we introduced joe’s parents to guitar hero and mario kart. i don’t think they liked guitar hero too much (it is pretty hard if you’ve never done it before), but mario kart is always a lot of fun.

wii 4

wii 3

we also went to crane creek vineyard in young harris. it was absolutely beautiful there. i think it would be a great place for an outdoor wedding. it was very relaxing to just look at the scenery and taste a bit of wine. it was pretty good. 🙂

vineyard 13

vineyard 2

vineyard 9

after that, we went to a local pizza place that had fabulous pizza, and then saw ironman. i really had no desire to see it because i didn’t know anything about it, but it was really good. not as good as sex and the city, but i definitely will go see the sequel. 🙂

back to the routine

now that my work schedule is back to normal, i’m back to working out. for the few weeks, my schedule has been out of whack, and i’ve had to go in to work earlier than normal. because of the fatigue from the arthritis, i’m *really* tired when i get home (as in i could go to sleep for the night), so i’ve missed my workouts. plus, i’ve been nervous since i spent the last, what, six months or so working out regularly and not losing weight. i’m scared that will happen again. it felt good to workout again today, though. my first set on the bike was rough, and i was really feeling out of shape, but after that i was fine.

cardio: 40 min.
weights/abs: 15 min.

yesterday, joe took me to see sex and the city. he was one of four men in the theater, but i think he liked it … at least a little. i saw him laughing at parts, and he’s grown to like the show as much as a guy can since he watched the series with me. i was a little surprised by the movie because the previews made me think it was going to be totally different. it was a great movie though, and a great end to the series. have any of you seen it, or are you planning to see it?