(somewhat) at peace

today marks 5 weeks since i went off the phentermine. i really didn’t think it had been that long. and, in that five weeks i have gained only 0.4 pounds, which is awesome. i was afraid i would gain most of it back by now. i lost 10 pounds on the phentermine, whcih is right on target since the recommendation for healthy weight loss is 0.5-1 pound a week, and now i’m still down 9. that’s good enough for me…for now. my doctor wants me to be off of it for 2-3 months before she puts me back on, and i’d like to do one more round to get down past 150. then, i think i’d be happy.

i’ve gotten back into the exercise routine here lately, even though sometimes my schedule makes it difficult. instead of riding the bike for 45 minutes, i’ve started doing aerobics and intervals on the bike, which joe and i think will boost my metabolism much more than just regular bike riding. hopefully i’ll start seeing the results of that soon.

i just hope i can put that off and *really* start gaining weight soon…for other reasons, of course.

fashion don’t

i don’t know how many of you watch big brother, but last night, host julie chen stole the show.

julie chen

her bright orange pantsuit glowed. they really didn’t need lights on the set because julie lit it pretty well. who looks at that outfit and says, “this would be fabulous for your live show”?

have you hugged a tree today?

i covered a tree meeting today. and you know what i learned? that crapemyrtles are pretty much the hardiest trees you can plant. the arborist said that it’s pretty hard to kill a crapemyrtle. that made me feel better because we forgot to water it the last couple of days, and i thought it was going to die.

and that, my friends, is the something new i learned today.


when we lived in maryland, my family had two vacation homes. one was a home in cartersville, virginia (ironic since i live in cartersville now, huh?) surrounded by woods. in fact, we owned all the property surrounding it, and it was so peaceful and quiet. the other was a condo in deep creek lake, maryland. i loved that place as well. we were right on the lake, and there was absolutely no humidity. i had friends up there, and we spent most of the summer each year up there.

when we moved, we sold those houses since we wouldn’t be able to use them anymore, but i’ve missed them. now, i have joe’s parents’ cabin in blue ridge to escape to, and it just makes me want a vacation house. obviously, it would be years from now, but i’d love to buy a second place where we could go to get away. it’s amazing how much good a weekend away can do for you, especially when you go to the mountains. every time we go to blue ridge, we check out the mountain real estate and look at the homes for sale and for rent. i love the mountains. i love the quiet. i love how it’s secluded. i love the fact that it’s so relaxing we do nothing but sleep. and, while i wouldn’t want to live in blue ridge full time like joe’s parents plan to do when they retire (i *have* to be near a mall!), i love being able to go there whenever i want.

so, if i could have a second home somewhere, it would definitely be a mountain home. what about you? if you could have a vacation home anywhere, where would you pick?

software and site names

remember how the customer service rep at ritz camera said she couldn’t have a software cd for our new camera sent to us? yeah, well, apparently they *can* because when we arrived home today it was sitting on our doorstep. i’m still wondering how this company operates when no one knows what in the world is going on.

in other camera news, the camera is *awesome*. we are loving it. i will post some pictures from it later. we are amazed at how crisp the colors are.

i want to move our family blog to its own domain. that way when we (finally) get pregnant, we can set up a subdomain for our baby. plus, joe and i could move our personal blogs over as well. however, the names i’ve tried (schulman.com/.net, schulmanfamily.com/.net, theschulmans.com/.net, schulmans.com/.net) are all taken. i’m wracking my brain trying to figure out another domain name. any suggestions?

it just started pouring outside and my poor hubby is off on his four-mile run. he is not going to be too happy. and yes, i tried to go pick him up but he’s parked behind me and he took his car keys.

new recipes

i think i’m going to try out some new recipes. i’ve been looking for things to add to our dinner rotation that don’t take too much prep and cooking time, since i usually get home later than the average person.

tonight, i think we’re going to try a vegetarian version of ra’s skillet chili mac, substituting veggie burger for the ground beef. it sounds really good.

i also found a recipe for slow cooker vegetable curry, which also sounds delicious. i love curry, and we got spoiled having indian neighbors in maryland. they would constantly bring delicious food over to us. i can’t wait to try this recipe. i have only used my slow cooker a few times because it’s hard to find vegetarian recipes, but i’ve found a few, and it would be so nice to come home to a ready-to-eat meal.

i’ll make sure to report how these dishes turn out.