“sophia” dies

estelle getty died today. she was best known for her role as “sophia” on “the golden girls”, which is one of my favorite shows. she was by far my favorite character because of her witty sense of humor. she always made me laugh, especially when her insults to rose went right over rose’s head.

were any of you “golden girls” fans? who was your favorite?

customer (dis)service, part 2

we got our camera today. yay!
it did not come with the software cd. boo!
so, i called ritz camera (because camera world is a subsidiary of ritz) which, of course, got me no where.

me: i received my camera today, but it didn’t come with the software cd.
rep: your package came with several dvds. i need to know which one you’re talking about.
me: the software cd.
rep: ok, i’m not understanding what you’re asking for.
me: the SOFTWARE CD that you use to put your pictures on the computer.
rep: oh. yeah, we can’t help you with that.

apparently, even though ritz is the company i ordered the camera through and they packed it and sent it to me, they can’t send me the software cd. i was given three options: call nikon and see if i can get them to send it to me, send back the camera (and pay shipping) and wait almost three weeks for a new package to arrive, or order and pay for a new camera, send the first camera back and eventually have my money reimbursed.

and this is why customer service in this country sucks.

lost in translation

a while back during sabbath lunch at my parents’, my brother mentioned how disappointed he was to see from our niece’s myspace page that she is emo. that, of course, brought up the whole discussion of myspace, and we mentioned that our youngest nephew has his dad on his friend’s list.

me: “(niece) and (older nephew) won’t let (brother-in-law) be their friend on myspace because i’m sure they don’t want him to see what they have on their pages or send out in bulletins.

my grandma: “what? (niece) and (older nephew) hate (brother-in-law)??”

my grandma cracks me up.

umbilical cord blood awareness

blood is always in need. i write stories throughout the year on the need for blood donations, especially in the summer when schools are out and supplies are low because people have elective surgeries done. joe donates whenever he can, but i’m not allowed to now because of the arthritis medicines i’m on. so, i know the importance of blood donation. what i wasn’t aware of, though, was the fact that imbilical cord blood is just as important. the blood built up in the umbilical cord and placenta is thrown away after birth, but according to cryo cell international, umbilical cord blood is full of stem cells that can be used as a substitute for bone marrow during transplants.

i had no idea about the value of cord blood, partly because i haven’t had a child yet and party because i don’t know how many people think about umbilical cord blood when they think of the blood supply for hospitals and how cord blood can be used for treating diseases with stem cells. it makes me wonder if hospitals keep this in mind when babies are born of if they really just throw the umbilical cords and placentas with all that blood in them away. i know that if that blood can be used to help someone else, i would want them to save my baby’s cord blood. have any of you heard about this before?

customer (dis)service

last week, we ordered our new camera, a nikon d60. we ordered from camera world because we found a great deal, and one of my coworkers recommended their site to us. it’s too bad we’ve had such a crappy experience with them.

it all started right after i placed the order. i kept receiving emails saying that something was wrong with the credit card i used. i knew there couldn’t have been anything wrong, but they insisted that it had been declined. three phone calls to camera world and one call to our credit card company later, it turned out that they had made a mistake because i had cancelled our one-day shipping (because, you know, to them, one day shipping actually means 3-4 day shipping).

on saturday night, i received *another* email from camera world. i called again, and i was pretty frustrated by that point. i was told that my order would ship today and i would get free one-day shipping because of all the trouble.

i just called to double check that my camera shipped as planned (since i didn’t receive any kind of email confirmation) and i was told that no, it didn’t ship. it may ship tomorrow. i am so tired of customer service like this. i asked the supervisor what he planned to do to rectify the situation. he said he’d send me a $25 gift card for their company. because after this experience i’d want to order *more* items from them?

i am so pissed right now.

heat waves

i’m so over summer. the heat is unbearable, and we still have about two months to go. this just reiterates the fact that i hope i get pregnant *soon* (as in next month) so i won’t have to be big and pregnant during the summer. i just can’t imagine how uncomfortable that would be.